First official teaser poster for the Bananaman movie

Poster Simon Brew 27 May 2014 - 06:27

Bananaman is still on schedule for a 2015 movie debut. And here's the first poster...

Debuting over the weekend at London's MCM Expo was the first official poster for the planned movie of Bananaman. The film, which was announced earlier this year via an official website, still has no writer or director attached that we know of. However, the new poster is sticking firmly to the planned 2015 release date, as you can see. We suspect there are better puns they could use for the film a little closer to the time, mind.

For now, here's the official poster. And we'll keep you posted on Bananaman's progress as and when we learn more...

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I can't wait for this! :D

Maybe this is why Edgar Wright left Ant-Man?

No writer, no director... but the film will be released next year?

I'm sure it'll be great then.

If this goes ahead I want the Goodies involved in some capacity (however, that's all I remember from the cartoon - I have wondered who could play Texas Pete but now realise that's a different cartoon)

Don't let Michael Bay near it. He's already ruined part of my childhood with his Transformers films.

God's great banana skin?

Now that's a good shout

That IS a good shout. Man alive; that would be awesome. And if he could bring Joe Cornish along with him...

I met one of the cinematographers working on this the other day, and apparently there is a script in place already. He wouldn't tell me who's written it or anything like that, but apparently far more progress has been made on it than has been announced.

Sorry but I always thought Bananaman failed to deliver. I'd rather have Roger Ramjet getting smashed on pills.

First Bananaman... quickly followed by Superted, Batfink and Dangermouse. Who needs the Justice League!!

Considering how many people suggested it, I can't believe they haven't gone with #manofpeel as the tag for this - shame.

Yes you can, because you have to. :P

Well considering there is not a single thing on this earth I hate more than bananas, I suspect I won't be seeing this.

He certainly screwed up the characters - may I prescribe a nightly reading of an original UK G1 comic story to soothe your psyche?

What if Mark Wahlberg was in the SuperTed film...

I'd prefer jumping straight to Dangermouse.

could be a great antidote to the relentless and now tiresome marvel/dc comic book movies, but I doubt it, its more likely to be another wasted opportunity that's just out to cash in on sentimental men like myself(just like the thunderbirds movie a few years back)

Those were great. I may also suggest the US ones too though,since those are the ones that he primarily messed up. Shockwave was so much cooler in the stories.

The US ones were printed in the UK comic along with the UK stories.

I hope this paves the way for Bananaman Vs. SuperTed.


I can only imagine Simon Pegg doing this for some reason and Michael Fassbender as Bananaman.

Nah, I'd much rather one with Bananaman and other Dandy/Beano characters. Bananaman, Dennis the Menace, Desperate Dan and the Numbskulls. Now THAT would be Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

This better include a boy named Eric and he MUST live at 29 Acacia Road.

I can relate, they're not even a real fruit!

Bananas are good. Excellent source of potassium.

I'm sure the release date will slip.

They don't have a writer. They don't have a director.

But they have a poster designer.

Good to see where the industry's priorities lie.

Bananaman was originally from Nutty comic before it merged with Dandy. My wife was an avid Nutty reader as a child and recently got hold of the very first Nutty containing the very first Bananaman adventure. Whilst she looks forward to the movie with interest she has expressed fears that the Bananaman story could be altered or dumbed down for a new audience. He was born on the moon for instance, he kept the bananaphone under a hollow dog, the surname is Wimp etc. All things than an avid Bananafan will be looking to see retained in the film.

Maybe they all could combine to produce a league of their own.

They also can be stuck in interesting places.

Goodies, Goody, Goody, Yum Yum.

I wonder if Tom Cruise is being lined up to play Bananaman?

Maybe his enemy could be The Yellow Peril.

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