Bananaman movie planned for 2015

News Simon Brew 18 Mar 2014 - 06:50

One of Britain's finest superheroes, Bananaman, might just be getting a movie in 2015...

We don't have much in the way of news on this at the moment, but we do have enough nonetheless to put a grin on the face of those followers of Britain's fruitiest superhero. For it seems as though a Bananaman movie is on the way.

Bananaman, for those who haven't had the pleasure, is a few things. Firstly, it's a sod of a word to have to type over and over in a news story. Secondly, its the alter ego of schoolboy Eric Wimp (whose name eventually changed to Eric Twinge). Thirdly, it was a comic strip that debuted in Nutty comic (remember that?) back in 1980, before transferring to The Dandy.

Eventually spinning off into a television cartoon series too, Eric - along with his trust companion Crow - became Bananaman by eating a banana, and then he find himself with superpowers. A light send-up of the likes of Superman and Batman, he fought familiar-sounding villains such as Doctor Gloom, Skunk Woman, Captain Cream and Witchy Woman.

So where has this movie news come from? Well, a website has popped up at Said website - linked to a domain registered last year - seems to be a DC Thomson one, and it teases that we should 'peel the power' Furthermore, it also reveals that the project involves Elstree Studio Productions, with a 2015 release date tease.

We've dug around and tried to find out more, and will keep digging. This may or may not be a cinematically-released project, and as soon as we can put more detail on it, we'll let you know. Heck, it may just be a hoax. Not a bad one though, if that proves to be the case.

As it stands though, maybe Batman Vs Superman shifted back from its own 2015 release out of fear of a different superhero...

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Or maybe DC want this movie to come out first so they can prep for the huge crossover event Bananaman Versus Superman?

That become-an-adult-whenever-you-want opportunity was wasted on Eric :)

Goodie goodie yum yum?

Bananaman is cool. DC Thomson should try and get other of their stuff made like The Beano or The Broons.

That definitely put a smile on my face! First english cartoon I'd ever seen. Wonder if they'll do Bananaman VS Apple Man

They need to have a cameo from a bounty hunter called Texas Pete to lead in to a Bananaman v Superted movie down the line.

A vertiable licence to print money!

Exactly what went through my mind too…!

Beautiful logo work man!

Thanks! It’s *got* to happen now…! ;-)

I won a competition in the Dandy when I was little boy (many moons ago). We had to draw BananaMan... the prize was a BananaMan BMX.

My Glob, that orchestrated version of the theme song playing on the website.

I forgot just how awesome the theme song was.

Not very PC (ahem).

No mention of The Goodies providing the voices? Shoddy work there chaps.

I remember in on of the he accidentally eats a Gherkin and turns into Gherkin man

Comics......I meant comics!

Texas Pete. My favorite hot sauce.

I think the film should end with a stinger after the credits where Eric goes back to his house to find Dennis the Menace trying to recruit him for the Beanovengers Initiative. Then we could have a B-DCU.

Please call it 'Man of Peel'. PLEASE!!!!!!

Bravo, sir. Bravo.

They clearly didn't put much thought into his transformation, did they?

I'm not sure whether I groaned at the pun or myself for laughing at it. Either way, one or both of us should be ashamed!

Is it gonna be dark & Nolan-eque?

Captain cream, sounds so bad now-a-days

My children love my old recordings of Bananaman. Ever alert for the call to action!


The Bananaman cartoon was the only reason I ate bananas when I was a child.

When I found out that I wouldn't change into a superhero, I stopped eating them. And I've not eaten one since.

True story.

If The Goodies aren't involved then neither am I.

Quality. I think he lived at number 10 Acacia Street.

Actually, the Beano, where Bananaman now appears, has been using that name in his title box. Bananaman: Man of Peel. So it's not ToonMonkey's joke.

Dennis has a cartoon series at least - in fact he's had three separate TV shows, in 1990-91, 1996-98, and 2009-13.

I hope you pushed your glasses up your nose before you posted this response.

If it's a sod of a word to keep typing, copy it into your pastebox...? meant one!

Gross. So what if he didn't invent it? You just had to get in there and criticise a comment that is both funny and hugely popular, eh? He isn't a professional comedian stealing someone else's jokes, he's a commenter on a 'geek' website. And who says he had heard of the use of it in the comment already? Maybe he came up with the pun independently. I'm sticking with my "Bravo" for his sharing it. ToonMonkey: DOUBLE bravo.

Everytime Eric eats a amazing transformation takes place!

Bananaman visited my school to promote bananas when I was a kid. I seem to recall that a lot of free bananas were given out.

Wonder if it will be a straightforward Bananaman film or a swipe at the 'grim' Batman and the multi-film spanning Marvel franchise with (as others have already posted) cameos from other DC Thompsons characters. Either way, a Bananaman film has it a-peel :)

However, DoG, if it does turn out to be a hoax, do I see a Kickstarter on the horizon?

Banana Bastard

I wonder if they'll move on to a Dennis the Menace film, followed by the Dandy and Viz. Viz would be like the british version of Kick Ass, not for the faint of heart.

I would definitley watch a Dennis the Menace film with Keith Lemon (or that leigh francis fellow he pals around with) as the colonel.

I'd be happy to take on that burden if needs be! :)

Yes mate. Cos as a grown man, I read the Beano....oh sorry!

Why haven't Den of Geek reminded those who have forgotten (though how that's possible...?!) that the animated series was voiced and human sound effected by the then Goodies and now heroes of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and Great British Wildlife...Graeme Garden, Tim Brook-taylor and Bill 'little oik' Odie!

Or perhaps they'll make it an orangegin story...I apologise for that profusely!

I spent weeks dreaming of winning that blue and yellow bmx. I can't believe you did that to me.

You guys need to shake hands and hug before this escalates - lol.

We're getting a Bananaman movie before a Wonder Woman movie. Let that sink in for a moment.
(Yes I KNOW it's either a hoax or will be a cartoon/CGI film if it's real, but I'm doing a thing here. Shaddup.)

I thought the same thing! Extremely depressing. Apparently even bananas are more marketable than female characters....

What the hell is wrong with you?

I'm sorry... if it makes you feel any better I feel down a flight of concrete steps on it and hurt myself... the bike was cursed!

you should apologise... I just spat tea across my desk and out my nose, laughing my head off.... and now everyone at work knows I was looking at the internet and not working.

I care deeply about the british film industry.

It's real. A friend did some prosthetic work for it. Shia Labeouf is playing Eric.

Nope, that's where Eric lived.

Ah his alter ego Eric. Did banaman have an hideout then?

They did make a film of two Viz characters.

The Fat Slags.

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