Screenwriter hired for Bad Boys 3

News Simon Brew
11 Dec 2013 - 06:23

Michael Bay's apparently not involved yet, but writing work is set to begin on Bad Boys 3...

Rumours of a third Bad Boys film have been circulating for some time, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer told us earlier this year that the hold-up was that "we're trying to get that off the ground, and trying to find a hole in Will Smith's schedule. That's been the issue". He also confirmed that he was trying to get Michael Bay back to direct the next film.

Bay has his hands full with Transformers: Age Of Extinction through until next summer, but after that, his schedule might just free up a little. However, there are hints now that Bad Bays 3 will move forward with or without him.

It's being reported that David Guggenheim, the screenwriter who penned films such as Safe House and Stolen, has now been hired to put together a screenplay for Bad Boys 3. But whilst Jerry Bruckheimer is very much involved, at this stage Michael Bay is believed not to be. That could change at any time of course, and we'd assume that given he directed the first two films in the series, he at least gets first refusal on the third.

The plan is to reunite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and we suspect there might just be further movement on Bad Boys 3 in 2014.


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