Paul Bettany signs up for Avengers: Age Of Ultron

News Simon Brew 7 Feb 2014 - 07:40

Paul Bettany is upgraded from the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S. to The Vision in Joss Whedon's Avengers sequel.

Paul Bettany is set to take a further step into the Marvel cinematic universe, with the news that he's taking on the role of The Vision in Joss Whedon's upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Bettany has provided the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Stark's posh computer, across three Iron Man movies and the first The Avengers film. In the comics, The Vision goes on to marry Scarlet Witch, the character being played by Elizabeth Olsen in the new movie. It'd be a surprise if things got that far in the new Avengers movie, though.

Production starts on Avengers: Age Of Ultron next month in the UK. More details as we hear them.


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It could a good way to set up the West Coast Avengers with Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quick Silver and they could throw in Moon Knight and Spider-woman from some where.

Holy crap, that's out of the blue. An interesting move, that is very different from comic canon.

Be interesting to see how this pans out. Don't see how he can be Vision and voice JARVIS.

I wonder if this means Ultron, created by Stark, rips J.A.R.V.I.S out of whatever server he's on in the MCU, and sticks him into an Andriod body. Perhaps as a way of saying "I'm setting you free Brother AI"?

Why not? He can do all his Jarvis lines in the sound booth and then use a different accent as Vision - he is an actor, after all!

OK, I would like to point out that this is a rumour from the Daily Mail.

I assume because the MCU version of Vision will essentially be J.A.R.V.I.S. in an android body - so perhaps once given physical form, J.A.R.V.I.S. no longer exists as a voice-only entity

Now confirmed by Variety.

Well,you didn't need to be an artificial intelligence to figure The Vision was going to be involved in an Avengers movie centred around Ultron as the antagonist.I'm cynical enough to consider Whedon could be pulling a fast one and encouraging speculation that Jarvis and The Vision are related in the movie deliberately though.Hope Chris Evans and Scarlett Johanssen have enough interesting stuff going on on the movie to maintain their enthusiasm and commitment since they've barely wrapped filming another movie as the same characters.I suspect this movie might even be popular despite the fact it doesn't include sentient plant aliens,space raccoons or Karen Gillan.

Using the Daily Mail as their source

They credit the Mail as first breaking the story, not being their source. An important difference.

THIS should have come with a spoiler warning. Ya slippin dog. Actually there's no way I could have avoided this one til 2015. Oh well

I'm quite pleased about this news, but a tad worried the movie is getting a bit overcrowded. Was hoping Hawkeye would get more to do in the next one, but can't really see it now

Moon knight would be a good one to pop up on shield's radar first, on the tv show that is

I think he's a dead man walking

Thanks for the spoiler Simon!

I'm still holding out for Budapest, the movie

...and turns him against Stark

People worried that Avengers Assemble was overcrowded too but i think maybe Whedon is perhaps experienced enough in writing ensemble characters to know when he has too many characters for any story he's writing.I'm pretty confident any character featured is not going to be irrelevant to the plot.

great choice for the Vision and i'm glad he gets to finally go in front of the camera in one of these `Marvel movies. I guessing the Plot will be related to the comics that Ultron creates The Vision and he turns good, although I'm interested to see how they do that, as I'm guessing there'll be no wonder man in this? JARVIS gets a body? stark puts JARVIS in to the Vision android to take control of it and some how they merge into a new personality inside the android body?

I can see where you are coming from. He balanced the cast of Serenity well, and did a brilliant job with Avengers Assemble. Hopefully me fears are unfounded

Actually, I wonder if Iron Man 3 started laying the seeds for this with JARVIS malfunctioning. I'm guessing Tony creates Ultron (maybe as another AI in line with JARVIS). Ultron defects and turns JARVIS against Tony and the Avengers. Ultron maybe gives him a cast off evil robot body. By the end, Tony has convinced JARVIS to be a hero and builds him a new body. Scarlet Witch, who has fallen for JARVIS' personality throughout the film spins a little magic and the robot body becomes semi-real. Or something. I don't know!

Hawkeye sent to kill widow and instead turns her into a good guy. Deal, let's do it


I don't think Hawkeye is going to be ignored in the screenplay considering the popularity of Fraction's comic currently and Whedon seemed pretty apologetic publicly about how Hawkeye had to be compromised by Loki previously for his story.I don't think it's really reasonable to be concerned about the story being overcrowded until anybody has any idea about the running time.They haven't even shot anything yet!

Wasn't Vision made from the body of the original Human Torch, the android one from the very first comic? Because he exists in the Cinematic Universe, he was one of the displays at the Stark Expo in Captain America. Hopefully they'll use that, the tech must still be somewhere.

Spoiler. my theory thanks to the ' agents of shield' series is that Jarvis isn't 'vision' but agent coulsen is!!!!! This would make sense as to bring him bac for age of ultron. He did infact die but its a great way to being vision into the series. Think about it :)

I thought it too, and I like it. But this may change things

Apologies,Miss JohanssOn.Please do not kill me for spelling your name wrong,Widow.
Yours Regretfully,

Mr Rogers.

I just thought of this: everyone is speculating on who may have movies in phase 3 and 4, and I haven't heard anyone say scarlet witch or quicksilver, and now vision. Understandably, since they'll be in A2 and are probably not as cool as other heroes or sequels.

¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿But what if they're awesome????????????

A movie about those 3 characters would make sense after A2 (depending on who survives) and certainly wouldn't hurt.

"im a huge geek" and heres my thoughts and ideads!!!! Here's my theory and possible SPOILERS!!
Phase 2 and phase 3 are in the process of being written filmed etc..
But check out 'avengers #54/ 55/ 57+
Ultron was disguised as crimson cowl in his 1st appearance, and eventually went on to be part of masters of evil! Ultron hypnotised 'Edwin Jarvis' to work for him.
His character 'ultorn-5' (the living automation') origin still unknown.
Then in issue #57 a flashback of ultron creating 'the vision' (the vision similar to 'wonder man' who's brain patterns was given to him ultimately destroy ultron along with the avengers)
Further flashbacks of ultron show his creator 'Henry Pym' and how ultron rebelled and developed an immediate "Oedipus Complex" that has hate for his father 'hank' then takes an interest in hanks lover Janet van dyne (wasp) THIS COULD BE START OF PHASE 2???
Ultron then rebuilds himself over and over which is then what I think will turn into a huge matrix style battle in which loads of ultrons are against the avengers. This is where I think 'JARVIS' comes in 'Age Of Ultron'!!!!!! After being hypnotised Jarvis helps and builds new ultrons while Henry/Hank Pym and Scott Lang have no clue to ultrons origin. (This is also why 'antman' is after avengers 2) then there are a lot of stories from the comics including a story with 'ironman'/ 'Black panther etc.. But then again Jarvis is helping to build the ultrons so maybe we will see a lot of ultron cameos over phase 2/3 and maybe "age of ultron" will be the first of many in which marvel can introduce new characters. and maybe down the line to fit the origins the human torch is used to make a new 'ultron' which again leads to phase 3 after the rebooted 'fantastic four' Is released.
Overall ultron is over many series and I hope they chose the significant points. This is why 'I THINK' that the 'Antman' story features mostly Scott Lang and older Pym this is because they are not aware of ultron (due to him being hypnotised) an this will lead to the Jarvis situation and the avengers 2/3 where antman is now aware!!!!!!!!

I'm a huge follower of the marvel universe and it has got to be hard for studios to fit in so much but I think the days of origins has passed and cameos and stories can do so much without skipping over too much or changing stories.
I hope marvel don't make "JARVIS" the creator of ultron but the helper of new model ultrons and we learn the origin through other marvel films.
Let me know wot you think?? :)

I think John Byrne retconned this when he was writing West Coast Avengers. The original human Torch was revived, and became a member along side the vision.

I *think* the explanation given was that the Vision was made by Ultron out of spare parts that the Professor Horton (creator of the torch) had left over, although I think when Professor Horton saw the Visions innards, he denied it

Pretty much what I was thinking.
The only thing is, they appear to have changed the creator of Ultron.... could the same go for The Vision?

I'm a mixture of happy-surprised and confused-surprised because I think Bettany is great, but he's always seemed so dismissive of his role in Marvel films. In interviews he tends to mention how he basically sits in a sound booth for a few hours doing his lines, takes his money and never watches the films. That worries me a little when it comes to the commitment and heart that people have come to expect from the on-camera actors in these films, who all seem to relish the parts they play. I hope he's had a change of heart and brings something wholehearted to the table!

I think he would do this as a way of not being Iron Man anymore.

I wouldn't worry, he's a great actor, but he must of felt quite disconnected to the Avengers/Ironman movies as unlike the other actors he was never on set with them. as he said, he went to a recording studio for a few hours, probably on his own and that was it. it may not of even registered when the movies came out that he even had a film out!

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