Three Avatar movies set to shoot back to back

News Simon Brew 16 Dec 2013 - 07:18

Release dates revealed and shooting details for James Cameron's Avatar sequels...

We're currently half way through a big movie trilogy that's been shot in New Zealand, as Peter Jackson's The Hobbit saga now has just The Hobbit: There And Back Again to go next year. But the people of New Zealand will be playing host to another trio of films, as it's been confirmed that James Cameron will shoot Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 there.

The three films are to be shot back to back it's been officially confirmed, and the first is going to arrive in cinemas in December 2016. The subsequent further sequels will then land in December 2017 and December 2018.

Production on the films is expected to start next year, and we'd imagine with three films' worth of footage to shoot, it's going to go on for some time. On casting, thus far Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Stephen Lang are confirmed as returnees.

More on the new Avatar movies as we hear it...

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Sam Worthington gotta eat!

Bloody hell.

I don't think I remember enjoying a movie quite as much in the cinema, then later being more disinterested in rewatching it or seeing any of its sequels.

I wonder how they cooked up more stories for the coming 3 movies! Studios must be desperate! :P

To be honest, it's James Cameron, who hasn't willingly surrendered creative control of his movies since ... Piranha 2, I guess.

So it'll probably be his stories which we get, rather than the studios. That really doesn't mean they are going to be any good though ...

Bit much isn't it?. Lets face it the first one took all that extra money because it was pretty much the only movie offering half decent 3D experience and people wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

One of the most overrated movies of all time. Sorry, just don't get the love/obsession for it, it was just ok.

When I first saw this film at the cinema in 3D I was overwhelmed by the visuals and the world building. I was totally enthralled. When I bought it on DVD and watched it again, I realized the film is completely vacuous. Not only is the narrative stolen and been done infinitely better before (Dances with Wolves), the acting is garbage, and some aspects of the movie are beyond stupid (Unobtainium anybody?). I'm hoping the sequels will raise the bar, seeing as that's what Cameron does best (Nod to South Park there!). However, I am not convinced this is even worth dragging out to 3 more films. James Cameron needs to sort himself out and revisit the ALIENS franchise I think. Surely there is another Colonial Marines story to be told there.

First thing that came to mind: What kind of tie in commercial is Air New Zealand going to make of this?

I enjoyed Avatar. While it's true it doesn't hold up quite so well on repeat home viewings, it's still a perfectly decent film that has plenty of things going for it. I don't, however, think many people are particularly eager to see more of it, let alone three films. I wish Cameron would just move on to Battle Angel, or something else.

Quick question, how did you first see Avatar? My theory is, people who saw it on Imax (like myself) were blown away by it, but people who saw it on smaller screens have no idea why

In an era when Hollywood is desperately reviving old franchises, seven years is nothing really.

I didn't see it at an Imax, but I did watch it first on a very big screen and in 3D. I thought the 3D was too much, distracted from the storyline. But then I suppose that was the point as the story is so weak and generic. Apart from the technology side of things, the film is completely unoriginal - and I was massively disappointed considering Cameron's previous work.

Like a lot of people on first viewing at the cinema in 3d i was blown away by the visuals and 3d representation but on consequent viewings I realised that the plot and characters really don't bare scrutiny. For the sequels I hope there is emphasis on story and character development

That's because we all realised only afterwards how cheesy it was. I mean come on, an eco love story about hippy blue cat-people?

On Imax it was pretty amazing. When the plot was dragging, there was lots of little details in the corners of the screen that kept you entertained. I did watch it again on the small screen, and can see why people weren't impressed.

I'm quite lucky that there is an Imax near me, so I've been to see quite a lot of films there this year. For my money though, both 3d and Imax are still quite gimmicky. Most directors haven't really got their heads around it as a medium, and don't compose their shots with Imax in mind. Since Avatar, the only other director who really got it was Alfonso Cuaron in this years Gravity, which was brilliant on Imax and definitely recommended

Now we'll have four too many Avatar movies.

But that's my point, the plot shouldn't have dragged and you shouldn't have to be entertained by little details in the corner of the screen! I'm not a fan of 3D in the main, and I've only seen a couple of films at an Imax (although it is seriously impressive and if there was one near me like you I'd watch all the 'big' films on that screen!)

I have seen Gravity (3D) and it was compelling, ground breaking and edge of the seat stuff. Film of the year IMO. Wish I'd seen it at an Imax!

Killed it!

I saw it IMAX 3D first week of release and have always thought it was a crap film that looked quite good because they paid top dollar to get the best people to make it look good.

How long between Terminator 1 & 2 & 3?

Whatever that man puts in a cinema, you can bet I'll be there opening day in a sold out screen. Sure, Avatar wasn't the most original film in the world. It was, however, an awful lot of fun especially in a cinema packed wall to wall.

This is great news! For the rest of the world

Exactly, just look at the man's track record.

Yeah, especially for sequels.

I hate to be a downer on a Cameron project but there's nothing from the first to make me care at all for any sequels. Do I really need 3 more films of being beaten around the head by the most asanine and shallow eco-propaganda, replete with classic racist 'noble savage' fallacy.

No. No, is the answer.

"I thought the 3D was too much, distracted from the storyline"

Ah... suddenly the use of 3D makes a lot of sense.

I think I might be one of the only people who didn't see this movie on the big screen. I first saw it about six months later on DVD, and I absolutely loved it. In fact, I still do. I get why people don't like it because it's very long and the story is quite crap. I think I'm quite the opposite of those people, because I think the film is a good length (I usually watch the collectors edition version, about 3 hours long) and the story isn't *too* bad.

I've been waiting for Avatar 2 for a while, although now they're filming three films back to back to back I'm very sceptical

December? Seriously? Star Wars will crush this at the box office every single year.

James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron IS....James Cameron.

I like to get lost in the world of a film, whilst I am watching my imagination is going wild, avatar did that for me, I was completely enthralled. I don't think to be a particularly great film it needed to have a majorly deep storyline, it did what it was supposed to do, whether people said the plot was bad or not, it was "the film to watch" at the time.
I am looking forward to getting lost in this new universe he has created, and hopefully this time there will be a deep plot line to delve into that matches the quality of the scenery.

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