Rumour: Arnold Schwarzenegger linked with Avatar 2

News Simon Brew 17 Sep 2013 - 06:19

A new rumour suggest that Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to reunite with James Cameron for Avatar 2...

Before we get fully started, we should say from the off that this is a rumour. Furthermore, it's a rumour that's popped up at Latino Review, whose once impressive track record appears to have been a bit bumpier recently. That's no slight against the folks there, just that we've been a bit picky over which ones we report. Their tentacles remain better than ours, though.

This time around, the rumour in question surrounds James Cameron's soon-to-shoot Avatar sequels, in particular Avatar 2. Because, according to the site's report, Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to reunite with James Cameron for the first time since True Lies, to play a villain in the film. Schwarzenegger is reportedly being lined up for the role of a human general in the new movie.

It's little secret that Schwarzenegger and Cameron have talked about working again on a film, and given that the latter is going to be knee-deep in Avatar movies for many years to come, it's a series that at least affords the opportunity to do that. When we hear anything more substantive on this, we'll let you know. Take it all with a pinch of salt just for the minute, though.

Latino Review.

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Well they did leave us at the end of Avatar wondering if the humans would be back.....I'll get my coat

If they'd actually cast Arnie for that they would just repeat the same mistake from the first one: The villain is vastly more memorable, more interesting, more sympathetic, more awesome, and more badass (as well as countless other positive adjectives more) than the protagonists. The cat-smurfs are mostly bland and annoyingly perfect, like a bunch of glorified hippie space-elves, while Worthington's character is bland enough to the point of almost not existing. If you cast Arnie as a villain, especially in something that is as preachy as Captain Planet, then a large portion of the audience will most likely applaud and cheer for genocide of the blueskins.

Its the super smash multi million box office multi movie millionaire Arnold Schwarzenegger in a super smash multi million super smash box office Smurfs in Space movie! Yak yak yak!

Man, I was all set to just ignore the Avatar sequels. If this turns out to be true I may have to at least consider going to see it.


Ah ... Wrong blue villain?...

Come with me if you want to live a big blue lie. I'll grab my... HEY, that guy took my coat! Do I still have to leave? Okay then, hasta la vis-OW, okay, okay, I'm out!... Your foster parents are dead, suckaaaaas!! BYE!

Avatar 2: The Accent Extravaganza!

I'd prefer it if they got round to a True Lies 2 instead

Most likely he will play the evil general or something. Or the general who betrays humans and helps Navi (and dies). Or robot sent by humans to kill Jake Sully in his childhood. That would be fantastic piece of cinema.

You are not you, you are me! Arrrgggggnnnnnhhh!

That's a super funny comment! YakYakYarlYarrr;! We should use that in the super smash super multi million dollar super smash box office Smurfs in Space movie! YakYarrrr!
Now we are going to play a game called 'Who is your daddy? and what does he do?'

Avatar was visually amazing, but its one long apology letter from James Cameron to the American Indian. "The white men were really bad to you, enjoy this as revenge".

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