English language remake of Audition lands its director

News Simon Brew 2 Jul 2014 - 06:22

Richard Gray is to write and direct a remake of Audition, for producer Mario Kassar...

Cinema has few experiences like watching Audition without knowing what's coming. Personally, I used to import region 3 DVDs back when it was incredibly economical to do so, and popped Audition into my DVD player with no idea what was around the corner. A stiff drink was required by the end of it.

Audition was put together by Takashi Miike, but it's now been revealed that one time Carolco supremo Mario Kassar - who produced the likes of Rambo III, Basic Instinct and Terminator 2 - is putting together an English language remake of the film.

Richard Gray has got the job of directing the new movie, having adapted the screenplay himself. Gray's credits to date include Blinder and Mine Games.

At this stage, it's traditional in a news story to describe the film itself a little. However, on the off chance that you're coming to Audition completely cold, that's about the worst thing to do. Instead, get yourself a copy, get yourself a drink, watch it, then work out how they're going to get all of that into an MPAA-rating approved English language remake.

More on the new Audition in due course.


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Great. Another remake of a film that needs no remake. I've watched it a couple months ago and I thought it was terrific. It starts out very slow and also quite heartwarming and then it completely grabs you by surprise and never lets go untill the gruelling ending. Now I've never heard of Richard Gray but if IMDb is anything to go by then he's not exactly Hollywood's greatest talent so I very much doubt he can improve on Takashi Miike work in any possible way.

I seem to be one of the few people who thought that Audition was an absolutely terrible film. What's with all the love for this? After all the great things I'd heard I went in expecting something mind-blowing. What I got was a damp squib. Unbelievably slow buildup, and when it does get to the violence there's only about 10 minutes of it at the end of a 1hr50min film. And the violence is far tamer than I'd been led to believe. For a so-called horror film, quite frankly I get more frightened by a bag of kittens.

On saying that, I can't stand the whole English-language remake fad.

No. Seriously just no. I'm still slightly terrified by this film and with good reason. This might have something to do with my ex gf following my every move right now and this movie and her are a constant reminder that sometimes "dem bitches be crazy."

When you take a perfect little film like audition and remake it you are going to FAIL.
Dont waste your time and money.

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