Two more writers hired for Marvel's Ant-Man

News Simon Brew 8 Jul 2014 - 06:05

Ant-Man finally starts shooting next month - and a pair of new writers have been hired to keep polishing the script...

After what could safely be described as a tricky couple of months, physical production on Marvel's Ant-Man movie will finally begin next month.

Peyton Reed is now installed as director on the movie, and of late, Anchorman director Adam McKay has been reworking the screenplay. Yet he's not alone. We now learn that a pair of new writers have been added to the team, to get the script fully sorted. They are Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer, and they've apparently been hired as "production writers". As such, they're going to be present on the set of the movie for the next couple of months, doing script revisions as required.

Ferrari and Barrer's screenplay for a possible Sabrina The Teenage Witch movie is reportedly what impressed Marvel enough to give them the gig here.

Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd, will be in cinemas on July 17th 2015.

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Could Ant-Man end up being Marvel's deformed mutant child that ends up being locked in the attic and not spoken of at family meals?

I still have faith, if this is the only big stumble in an impressive run they haven't done half bad! Who knows maybe this is the best thing that could have happened to the project? In Marvel I trust!

I think they are allowed at least a couple of duds, however I won't pass judgement till I've seen it. I'm a massive Edgar Wright fan but if I'm honest, I didn't like The Worlds end much.

I've always felt that too many writers on a film script can be very bad especially with the movie loses its voice, Casino Royale (1967) and Last Action Hero are good examples this. However, it sounds like these two new additions won't be making huge changes, perhaps writing in a few key scenes and making changes to dialogue to make them funnier or to add emotional impact. This is fairly common in films, such as Usual Suspects, Blade Runner and even Iron Man had a number of changes to the script while in production, so this news doesn't sound like a that much of a big deal.

As long as its entertaining when let out of the attic, I don't mind

I'm getting rather worried that this will wind up being as bad as people said it would be when Edgar Wright left. I'm not one to have 2000% faith in all brilliant writers/directors before I've anything to base judgement on, but when I first heard Edgar Wright was writing and directing Ant-Man (a hero I know little about) I was pretty confidant it'd be brilliant (I'm cheering for Shaun Of The Dead and Scott Pilgrim in particular!)

But when many reports claim - and those in-the-know hint - that his leaving (after EIGHT YEARS of developing the thing) was down to script re-writes, a story about two more writers being hired to sort it out is not inspiring. It sounds like a real mess right now.

I don;t know how big Hollywood films are actually made or what goes on behind the scenes so I don't have an opinion until I see the finished film.


Exactly what I'm thinking. This looks like they would like to give the movie more polish but can't afford to delay production. So they'll have those two guys doing it on the fly during filming. Probably not the most perfect situation, but still better than just having filming dictate the end of the rewrites.

This is going to be Marvel's first failure in the MCU.

As long as he's presentable.

Oh great - now we are back to the "Marvel is doooooooomed" comments.

Iron Man didn't even have a script as far as I know... it had an outline, but many of the scenes were ad libbed... :)

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