Kevin Feige on Marvel's Ant-Man movie

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23 Jun 2014 - 06:33

Ant-Man's release date will not be budging in the aftermath of its change of director, Marvel's Kevin Feige confirms...

Filming will begin shortly on Marvel's Ant-Man movie, which now has Peyton Reed directing, rather than Edgar Wright. Marvel Studios' head honcho Kevin Feige gave a presentation at CineEurope a day or two back too, and he clarified the state of the movie.

Firstly, he confirmed that "Ant-Man is still going to come out on 17 July [2015]", putting pay to chatter about a potential delay to the movie. "We start filming this August", Feige added.

"Edgar Wright, who I’ve known for many years, who wrote the draft with Joe Cornish – much of the movie will still be based very much on that draft and the DNA of what Edgar has created up to this point", Feige said, adding that Adam McKay "is reworking parts of the script - not the entirety of the script".

"It’s going to, we believe, come to life in the best version of Ant-Man that we could possibly make", he said.

One day, a fuller story of what's been going on behind the scenes of Ant-Man may yet come to light. For now, the project is live, is still due next summer, and is weeks away from going before the cameras...

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