Details emerge of Ant-Man villains

News Simon Brew 20 Jun 2014 - 06:58

Who will Paul Rudd be facing in Ant-Man? Fresh details emerge, as well as who will be playing the villains...

The dust has settled, for the time being at least, around Marvel's Ant-Man film, with the new team behind the camera pressing ahead with getting the movie ready for cinemas in July 2015. As you more than likely know, Edgar Wright is no longer directing, with Peyton Reed taking on the job. Furthermore, Adam McKay is doing some reworking of the film's screenplay.

Paul Rudd is locked in the lead role still, but now one or two details have emerged as to the foes he'll be facing. For JoBlo is reporting that the character of Darren Cross is set to be the lead villain in the film. In the comics, he's the head of Cross Technological Enterprises, although JoBlo notes that he won't be as Hulk-like as he's sometimes appeared in print. Furthermore, Darren Cross' cousin, William, is also in the film. William goes on to become Crossfire, although it's unclear whether that'll happen in next year's Ant-Man movie, or whether it's being saved for a later feature.

The Wrap has added some casting details to all of this. It reports that Darren Cross will be played by Corey Stoll (most recently seen as one of the passengers in Non-Stop), with Patrick Wilson playing William.

Ant-Man remains earmarked for release in July 2015. More details as we hear them.


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Hopefully Adam McKay doesn't change to much, it would be nice to see Wright's influence on the film and comic touch even if he's no longer directing.

Patrick Wilson is genius casting! On a not QUITE serious note, I hope they get a cameo from Ben Stiller.

How would you even be able to tell them apart? How would you be able to single out what's Wright's and what's McKay's?

We'll have to see what Simon Pegg reckons after it's released.

As in "what is this, a school for ANTS?"?

I read elsewhere that Patrick Wilson could be playing Marc Spector (Moon Knight) and Stoll would be Crossfire. If that were true, my all time favorite Marvel character would be hitting the big screen.

Maybe Darren Cross will be the villain in the 60's for young Pym, and then in the present day his relative William will be the bad guy?

Some creative types have a recognisable style, for example if someone showed me The Grand Budapest Hotel then I could say without a doubt that it is a Wes Anderson movie just by the way it is shot, how the characters speak and the way it is cut, similarly with Tim Burton he has a very particular Gothic style in the way that his flims are shot and there's not seen many directors attempt to emulate. Edgar Wright has his own style, in the way he references pop culture in a comic way, the way that the jokes a delivered deadpan or in the way he uses visuals to add to a joke. McKay may well have a similar style, which would make hard to tell them apart but all I'm saying is I'm a fan of Edgar Wright's writing and the way he approaches a scene.

Based on the Ben Stiller addendum, you're not confusing Patrick Wilson with Owen Wilson by any chance are you?

And if so, it could be the reason Edgar Left. But I've said this elsewhere and I'll say it again: if Moon Knight is the reason Edgar Left, then Edgar Wrong. Edgar Very Wrong.

If it's great, it'll be thanks to Edgar. If it's good, then all the good parts are thanks to Edgar. If it's so so, half of that, is Edgar. And if it sucks, y'all shoulda kept Edgar!

-Edgar's mom

When we see quick cuts to Ant-Man's coffee brewing and him tying his shoes, then we know it's Wright's influence.

I don't know much about the mythology behind Ant Man but I'm glad to see Corey Stoll getting some big screen action. He was great in House of Cards.

Corey Stoll was excellent in House of Cards.

I did. Now I'm embarassed. :/

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