Marvel releases official synopsis for Ant-Man movie

News Simon Brew 9 Jun 2014 - 06:41

With Peyton Reed in place as Ant-Man's new director, Marvel has released a synopsis for the film...

Over the weekend, Marvel confirmed the new team behind its upcoming Ant-Man movie. Adam McKay, linked at one stage with replacing Edgar Wright as director, has agreed to come on board to help with the script. But it's Peyton Reed - helmer of Yes Man, Down With Love and Bring It On - who's got the job of directing Ant-Man.

Marvel has officially confirmed the news on its website, and has also reiterated the July 17th 2015 release date for the film. It's also released an official synopsis for the movie, which reads thus:

"Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Douglas), protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world"

One day, we might find out the full story behind what's gone on over the past few weeks. For now, Marvel's Ant-Man movie is still in business...


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yay, first. hoping this movie works out

as long as I see evangeline lilly entering MCU, I'm up for it.

Ant-mans eleven?

I'm willing to give the guy a chance, just like I did the Russo brothers.

Last time there was a big Marvel scandal, Mark Ruffalo ended up as the Hulk. I love Ed Wright, but I have faith in Kevin Feige. Definitely worth a chance.

"Peyton Reed - helmer of Yes Man"... how ironic - it seems that's exactly what Marvel wanted from their Ant Man Director.. ;)

I am slightly confused by the wording
for people who don't quite know the story it may sound like Pym is the con man who trained Lang :S

A heist flick, sounds good!

Granted an ant has great strength in comparison to its size, if I remember it has something to do with a smaller creature having to lift less of its own mass than a larger creature would, hence super strength. That aside the strength in an ant is mostly due to the formation of its neck so how would Ant-Man's suit convey super strength?

Anyone else think the thing they are stealing is an infinity stone and that's why Edgar left?

No it sounds like Lang is a con man who has been trained by Pym, I think your assuming that the whole film is a heist film, maybe lang steals the suit, is captured by Pym and then helps him save the world.

I like the idea that Pym has been fighting crime for years but nobody knows... What with him being ant sized.

Could be wrong, let's wait and see ;)

All i'm saying is that the phrasing and punctuation of the synopsis could have been done better to convey that Pym himself is not a con man. I've read the comics so know the whole Lang / Pym dynamic and lang stealing the suit etc. I have no doubt this is the route the film will take, just wish they hadn't been a bit loose with the press release

I think his leaving was inevitable. He had been working on the script for 8-9 years, and was a real passion project. He had been working on it since before Marvel kicked off their MCU so it was obvious that his film wouldn't knit well with the MCU. So at some point Feige would have to order changes to make Ant Man link in with the now established MCU. However, the wheels seem to have come off when the changes were made without Wrights input or knowledge. 8 years of passion + behind your back changes = fall out. Or maybe he was just unwilling to change his story to fit the bigger picture. However, Marvel get's no end of praise for it's MCU and so it is probably right to ensure that films sit within that framework.

You are possibly correct that an infinity stone or something major plays a part, because I can't see the odd mention of Tony Stark or Tri-Carriers crashing down to earth would mean too much of a re-write.

I think the MCU, as great as it is, will eventually reach a point where it hampers stories too much, and so some ret-con may be required to give stories more room to breath.

He keeps his normal strength when he shrinks, therefore he has super strength compared to his size. Although if he increases in size, I think his strength scales up.

Gutted Edgar left but still excited to see Ant-Man finally become part of the MCU. I expect Pym will die at the end of the movie, leaving Lang to become Ant-Man.

So do I. There's a reason why the Marvel movies work - and that's as much Feige's hand as the respective director's. Sad to see Wright go, but Feige knows what he does. This hasn't been a rash, shout-out kind of decision.

Why would there be a problem with the MCU? We're going forward, not doing prequels. I'm pretty certain the MCU is actually a strength in this situation. Case in point: Guardians of the Galaxy. I for one am doubly exicted not only because the film looks genuinely interesting but also because I'm looking forward to the MCU story also being pushed forward.

So while I agree with the most part of your post, with the latter paragraph I don't. :)

We start with an 'Ant-Man' breaking into a scientific research building to steal certain equipment.

This leads to a flashback to the late 1960's with Dr Henry Pym working at S.H.I.E.L.D when he discovers the subatomic "Pym particles". This can lead to a big period Sci-Fi/Spy adventure with Pym's Ant-Man . After this is concluded he decided it was too risky to pursue the life of a Superhero, shelves his uniform/equipment and return to safer lab work (- in particular concentrating on his 'Ultron' concept...)

Back in the present day we learn that Scott Lang stole the Ant-Man suit and equipment from Pym's home. We can see him committing a few robberies but also discover that he is being blackmailed to steal scientific equipment to protect his daughter who has been kidnapped.

Lang and Pym team up to save his daughter but then realise that Pym's old research etc is in an old SHIELD base that is now controlled by Hydra. The then plan to break in and stop Hydra using it, eventually leading to Lang being recruited as an Avenger.

A total 'nobody' director, desperate to attach his name to something - and a studio desperate enough to sign anybody who could start filming this week ... Pffft!

And upright citizens brigade. And the weird al show. And New Girl. And SNL. And the mighty Mr. Show with Bob and David. Wright has TV credits too, Spaced, but I'm thinking that the episodic nature of the MCU lends itself more to a director that is more acquainted with TV.

And I sure never wanted to see a COMPLETELY standalone Antman. What is this, the pre-Disney/Marvel era? Bunch a gems back then (hulk, the ghost riders, the punishers, daredevil, FF 1 and 2), though I will concede that Wright's Antman just might have fit in more with the (still talking pre-Disney/MCU for the sake of argument) xmen and Spider-Man films. Good, great, and horrible (thats trilogies for ya), though I heard nothing about an Antman trilogy.... My point is, the marvel movie model has changed, and Wright hasn't. That's fine. He's free to make his own movies again. The alternative would have been for the marvel movie model to change back.

And I'm glad that's not the case. Cuz I'm a yes man. You can't have no in your heart. Life's a garden, ya dig?

Sorry, I probably wasn't totally clear on what I meant. We have already had the scenario where after Avengers the phase 2 films have had to answer "What problem could Iron Man have that he couldn't just call the avengers/Shield for help". Cleverly Marvel have answered that by A) making Iron Mans problems reference his anxiety and B) shaking Shield to it's foundations. However, as the universe develops more and more, and more super characters are known about, we could get to an point where plot points could become "why don't they just get the hulk in to smash that" etc etc. Am I making any sense? I want to be completely wrong, I love everything Marvel. But I suppose they have very talented writers etc at their disposal so can find innovative ways to paint themselves out of corners.

He has far more Directing credits to his name than Jon Favreau had before Iron Man. Also, JF had only directed one movie (ELF) and a hand full of TV movies. So I wouldn't dismiss him just yet on those grounds. JF kick started this whole MCU we are living with today.

I'm very nervous about this movie. I really don't this to stink.

Exactly! It's worked so far. It'll work some more

I don't this to stink either.

Hopefully because Hulk's either on another planet, or causing a World War.

Me gusta

I thought Antman's power came from his Igbo tribe neck rings of power... Maybe I'm wrong.

Let's not forget Don Cheadle!

Uh, Zathura? He also wrote/produced Swingers. Between those two and Elf, plus the countless acting roles, I'd say he was qualified enough. Same with Peyton Reed. Say what you want about Yes Man, but the direction was more than fine.

I liked Ant-Man, let's see what he can bring to a superhero movie.


Yes Man was a great flick If you like that sort of thing. I don't but it was put on in the bus on a long travel and I enjoyed it a bit, quite frankly. And you're right, the directorial duties and general execution of movie was good. The source material was crap, but that's not director's fault.

Maybe I'm just foolish to have such high hopes, but it's starting to look like they are going for a 'Civil-War' like finale at the end of phase3. Especially, if Marvel manages to push Inhumans in place of X-men.
And regarding Wright and Ant-Man itself - well, since he's been working on that movie for a better part of last decade, he prolly didn't take the MCU into account, just as you say. I think the original concept was more like 'Hulk' movies before the MCU kicked off - without any significant villain or possible ties to wider picture. And since his departure is a recent thing, and a release date for the movie is approaching, Marvel could have decided that there's no time for a new script and rewrites are in order. What I'm saying is that they tweaked an original script with this whole heist thingie so it would tie in into MCU somehow. And prolly Wright didn't like that or it was done behind his back, so he left. Someday maybe we'll know.

Y'know I'm amazed at the hate Marvel are coping for this so let me offer this thought up for consideration:

"The guy who directed Elf!?! Oh god, Iron Man is going to suck!"

I think you missed the point of the original comment...

I missed the point of your comment too...

Amen. Feige seems to have taken on an 'executive producer' role when it comes to the MCU, and it works quite well. I'm willing to remain optimistic until the film itself comes out.

I think their on the right track, comedy, heist movie is the way to go with this one, I think Marvel are happy with the concept otherwise they could of let this one fall to the waist side, they're obviously keen to get this one made, I'll keep the faith.

Is "insurmountable" a staple word for Hollywood synopsises?

Sorry Marvel - I usually adore your output but with this film you literally shat all over my interest when you got rid of Edgar. I'll watch your other films but unless Cornetto wrappers are legal tender, I will torrent this out of spite.

Ah, yes! Good thinking there, Paul, I almost forgot about this point. Yes, continuity means not only forward but also backward continuity.

Let's just hope that their writers know what they're doing and don't hand over the reigns to Lindelof-types.


If they script is only half as good as this, I'm going to love it. :D

This has been may basic idea for a while - had to modify it after Cap2! I originally had SHIELD arresting Lang, Pym not pressing charges, and the two meeting that WAY.

I think Wasp could fit into it either as Pym's wife in the flashback or Pym's daughter in the modern day?

Sounds like you're better equipped to deal with the MCU than Edgar Wright. ;)

I wouldn't be surprised if they topped him at the end of the second act, to be honest.

Perhaps a fully functioning SHIELD could be shown in the sixties flashback; after all, I would be tremendously surprised if they didn't know about Pym's work. Plus, any excuse to see young agent Nick Fury.

Yep, it could show Pym in the swinging 60's SHIELD! (which is how he got the funding etc, and why the tech is in Hydra's hands in the future eg our present day). Also it could show young Fury, along with 20 years older Peggy Carter and Howard Stark...

You've got to be kidding me?

No. Just correcting your treatment of the English language. And that from a German, no less. It would also help if you tossed in some full stops there, but I don't really care that much.

So you are indeed an authentic "Grammar Nazi", well I'll be damned.

That actually made me laugh out loud! :D <3

Extraneous question mark at the end of a statement. Ending in ", right?" would have resolved the issue, or rather simply negate the need to type that extra character altogether.

Fallen by the 'wayside'.


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