Peyton Reed is the new director of Ant-Man

News Simon Brew 7 Jun 2014 - 11:55

UPDATE: Peyton Reed is the new Ant-Man director. Plus, Michael Douglas on Edgar Wright's departure...

UPDATE: Peyton Reed is the new director of Ant-Man. Adam McKay is to help out on the script. Our original story follows.

Two weeks on from Edgar Wright's sudden departure from the Ant-Man director's chair, and yet more possible directors are being linked with the project. The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter have now added the names of Peyton Reed and David Wain to the possible shortlist.

Reed is apparently the current frontrunner. His projects to date include Bring It On, Yes Man and the underappreciated Down With Love. David Wain, meanwhile, made the brilliant Role Models and the cult hit Wet Hot American Summer. He's collaborated with Paul Rudd, Ant-Man's lead actor, across a few projects already.

Meanwhile, Michael Douglas has been chatting about Wright's decision to quit Ant-Man. Douglas told Schmoes Know that "I was very disappointed", adding that "I am a big fan of his movies. It’s a very disappointing situation. Happened very late in the game. I don’t think anybody’s quite recovered. My heart goes out to Edgar. He’s been involved  with the project for a long time. But he’s talented enough that you’ll be hearing a whole lot from him and I’m sure with a little vengeance".

Michael Douglas does remain attached to the film. More as we hear it...

The Hollywood Reporter.
The Wrap.

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This is just getting embarrassing now.

I give up. Antman for phase 4:(

Here you go, Marvel- three more for your consideration;

1. Steven Kostanski (ManBorg, 2011).

2. Richard Park & Y.K. Kim (Miami Connection, 1988).

3. Sam Fistenberg (Revenge of The Ninja, 1983).

Get Lindelof in to re-write the final act to reflect the zeitgeist while you're at it- Ant Man finds himself trapped in a gigantic, deserted, well stocked brewery, and struggles against seemingly impossible odds to arrange a piss up. Comedy ensues. The end?

funny stuff, ha

Fine, fine... *I'll* direct the f* *king movie...

Peyton Reed? I have nothing against the guy - have enjoyed some of his movies...but there is not one Marvel / movie fan excited by this move (to...y' on behalf of everyone...). Hope he proves us all wrong...

Bring it On director, so I for one as delighted

We're always going to know that they let the best guy for the job leave and had to go with someone who happened to be available.

It Edgar Wright had stayed, the film would have been average at best, just like The Cornetto Trilogy.

"From the director of YES MAN"... doesn't quite have the same draw.

I hope this film turns out well but I really think Marvel have dun goofed here. I've always liked that they've gone for distinctive choices for directors... but what's the point if they're just going to take a dump all over their vision?

I'm excited by this movie

Ok, before people start to lose their mind over Peyton Reed getting the gig may I remind folks of the films that Jon Favereu and Kenneth Branagh did before getting their Marvel gigs. Nothing screamed superheroes in the prior CV's.

*gasp* Duuuuuuuuuuude!

First time Marvel has made a wrong move and it will cost them. Wright has such a passion to bring Ant-Man to the big screen something Peyton Reed will lack. Like others, I like his movies, i though Yes-Man was brilliant but i just cant see this working out at all. The addition of Mckay is pretty worrying to. I dislike Anchorman and Anchorman 2....alot....please Marvel, stop being little bitches, get Wright back on board, let him make the film he's intended to do for the past 8 years and we can all forget this ever us all, you will benefit from....HUGELY

Hahahaha! Peyton Reed? Well, at least now I know there's no need to bother watching this when it comes out. Poor Edgar Wright.

Yeah, but they'd both films stuff that had been critically very well received. Also, Branagh's background in Shakespeare made sense with the way they did Thor, so I'm not sure that was quite so left-field anyway.

"move" not "movie"... :-D I'm still looking forward to Ant Man...but can't my head around the fact that Wright has been replaced by Peyton Reed - who is an accomplished film-maker, but hasn't done anything (yet) that's set the world alight...

Marvel must have thought "yes man" was one of his attributes, rather than one of his films.

Ok, Reed's film may not be as critically acclaimed as others previously, but then the Russo brothers weren't steeped in movie glory previously either, and they knocked it out of the park with Cap 2 imho.
Ant-Man, at least in cinematic terms, is a pretty outrageous concept, so would need a lightness of touch if that's what I suspect Marvel is going for. And Reed has shown that at least with Bring It On and Down With Love (which I really like, but for the life of me I don't know why).

Marvel have managed to go from a film written by 2 exciting youngish talents and a director whose CV is almost unanimously loved, who brought the project to THEM and spent 8 years collaborating on a highly-anticipated project from a fresh creative team unlike any Marvel had chosen before...
To their FIFTH choice for director, whose CV has about one decent film on it and a new writer whose collective CVs are full of the sort of uninspiring crap that made Wright's involvement so exciting.
I will not pay to see this film out of general principle; I will however revel in torrenting it.

Do Marvel have a FREEPOST address so I can send them all my Cornetto wrappers?

I actually thought they might have gone back to Wright and apologize...

As much as I am a fan of Edgar Wright I was never looking forward to his Ant-Man. His characters are always arseholes which although work in the films wouldn't work in a Marvel movie. As for "no need to bother watching" then I can only pity you. God knows how many movies, books, bands, games, etc I've got in to when they initially looked poor. To base the movie as not worthy of being watched before a second has been filmed is just ludicrous.

I rather enjoyed Bring It On when it first came out, I must confess. And I seem to recall that on the DVD commentary Reed sounded like a very nice bloke, warm and articulate. With McKay brought in the straighten out the script, I hope they can make the best of a bad situation.

I'm glad it's finally getting done

Watched it a zillion times with my sisters, they loved it

I'm with you man, we won't know til it's done. I'm glad Antman's happening, I'm not loyal to any director, nor do I fault those that are loyal to Wright. I just wanna see Antman.

I vote for Roger Corman.

Let’s give the new guy a chance. The synopsis sounds great.

Sometimes you gotta fail to remain humble and focused. I think it's Marvels time to learn that lesson.

There are more books, films, tv series, plays and bands in the world than I can ever afford to spend my money on, so if I decide that I don't like the way Marvel have treated Edgar Wright and their general approach to this film and have thus decided not to give them my money, I think that's fair enough, there are plenty of other things I can spend my cash on. Please note that I said I won't "bother watching this when it comes out." I never said I won't watch it eventually, but they won't get any money out of me for the privilege.

But thanks for the pity, I appreciate it.

Well, at least the feckin thing's getting made. At this stage I'm happy with that.

Joe Dante? He did Inner Space so he's already been on location...

I am with you on this. Reed will have TONS of help from Feige/Whedon and it looks like from Adam McKay too (that's more help than Favereu and Branagh had and their movies turned out awesome - yes, I am a big Thor 1 fan). He also has 2 uber-professional lead actors in Rudd and Douglas. With all this support, I think the movie will turn out to be a very entertaining and fun piece to the MCU puzzle.

Summed that up rather nicely

I'm so confused as to why people are so against Ant Man now... Marvel haven't made a wrong move so far so I don't see why people are suddenly losing faith in them. I'm still excited for Ant Man.

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