More directors linked with Ant-Man director's job

News Simon Brew 5 Jun 2014 - 06:37

Nicholas Stoller and Michael Dowse are the latest names thrown into the ring to direct Marvel's Ant-Man movie...

The story so far: Edgar Wright has departed Marvel's Ant-Man movie, on the eve of production. Since then, Anchorman's Adam McKay has turned the job down, and it's said that Dodgeball's Rawson Marshall Thurber passed as well. Meanwhile, Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer was linked, but looks unlikely to take the film on.

Now, two more names have been linked with the job, although one of them appears to have been debunked already. Deadline reports that Take Me Home Tonight's Michael Dowse and Neighbors/Bad Neighbours' Nicholas Stoller are both in the frame, although doubt has already been thrown on Stoller's candidature.

Still, if either of those names are in the mix, then it sounds as though Marvel is doing a guided tour of prominent comedy directors in Hollywood. Deadline, incidentally, seems to suggest that Rawson Marshall Thurber is still in the running.

Ant-Man is still scheduled for release on July 17th 2015.


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This is getting embarrassing now.

Marvel. Send a basket of fruit to Edgar Wright's house and tell him all the changes you want to put in to keep it in the Marvel universe, can be done in a post-credits sequence or one shot (directed by someone else? One of these guys?) That way you both get what you want. And I do too.

"The story so far" - I've read the entire article with Kansas' Carry On (My Wayward Son) in the back of my mind.

Jon Favreau? Just sayin'

If they can't get Edgar Wright on board and they need to hit the July date still, they should go for Lord and Miller, who I've been saying would be snapped up by Marvel for a project since The Lego Movie. Really though, I can't see Ant Man being vital to the success of Phase 3, mostly because they took Ultron away from the character by having him in Avengers 2. Either get Wright back, or cancel the film for now. Its a shame that Wright and Marvel couldn't work together in the end, but I'd rather have no Ant Man than an Ant Man film without Edgar Wright.


In sorry Marvel, but I'm too rich right now. Sincerely, me.

"Look, you can call em Wayne Zalynski, and he can give his son and son's friends a bunch of lazer shrink wrap suits, and they can all die at the end with no connection to Marvel throughout, and if Stan Lee shows up we'll go ahead and bury em, and you can make the Scott Fuzz: the World's Tiny Dead that your fans want so bad, and we can all be happy, just please make Antman, PLEASE!" Sincerely, 2% of the actual marvel movie going audience.

what about james wang

It's ok guys I said I will do it... I've even written a Theme Tune. **ANT MAN he's an ANT and a MAN... ANT MAN he is going to bug crime ANT MAN!**

If Wright can just make the movie without having Scott Lang get stepped on during the end credits then Marvel would probably be happy to have him back.

Guys, it's ok...I'm available. But I want to use Wright's original script, not the one that drove him off the project.

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