Shortlist emerges for Ant-Man director's chair

News Simon Brew 30 May 2014 - 16:33

Who will be taking Edgar Wright's place in the Ant-Man director's chair? Here's the apparent Marvel shortlist...

To outsiders, there are now warning sirens going off all around Marvel's planned Ant-Man movie. It's no secret that Edgar Wright had been working on it for the best part of a decade (having co-written the screenplay and been attached to direct for some time), and his departure - apparently over script rewrites that he neither wanted or liked - saw him walk away last week.

Marvel, however, remains undeterred, and has been insistent that the planned July 2015 release date still stands. That means production needs to get going in the next couple of months, and someone has to pick up a project that's basically been crafted by Edgar Wright for a long, long time.

So who is on the list of potential replacements for Wright? Well, if a new story over at The Hollywood Reporter is to be believed, then Marvel's choices are maintaining a comedy tone.

The names being mentioned are Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball, We're The Millers), Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad) and Adam McKay (Anchorman). Of those, McKay has form with comic book movies in the past, having reportedly been working on an adaptation of Garth Ennis' The Boys at the start of the decade (although the project never came to fruition).

Marvel, as always, is staying quiet until it has something official to announce. If that Ant-Man release date is to stand, expect that announcement to come sooner rather than later....


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Fleischer would be my choice.

Agreed, the tone of Zombieland makes him sound like a good match.

What an odd grouping of directors.

All surprisingly interesting choices.
I'm much more open to comedy directors getting a crack at these movies after the Russos just completely nailed it with Winter Soldier.

And now Wright can come back and do a DC adaptation. Imagine his Flash movie... Goosebumps.

More likely he will do an Atom movie

Fleischer would absolutely be my choice from that list, but I think Adam McKay has a good chance of getting it because of his Paul Rudd connections.

McKay will forever have a place in my heart for The Other Guys. And the Icky Thump shootout scene showed great action potential. Though Fleischer would be the more obvious choice. Interesting though that they are keeping with the comedy directors. Would of loved to have seen some of the old school B-movie directors getting a look in. The likes of Joe Dante would have been cool.

The likes of Joe Dante or Don Coscarelli would both have been more interesting than any of this lot. However, they're friendly with Wright, so would probably have felt disloyal replacing him.

McKay's the only one on that shortlist who doesn't feel like a second-tier choice. Fleischer's direction has more energy, but his films tend to have a video-y look to them. A shame if he gets it, as Wright would most definitely have been shooting on film.

McKay also shoots lots of takes and encourages improvisation, which would give the controlling Marvel executives lots of options in the edit. Wright is a perfectionist who designs his shots carefully, in contrast.

This movie is rapidly becoming a disaster waiting to happen.

Oh what a bullshit.

According to Badass Digest it's definitely McKay.

I might be wrong here but wasn't his planned adaptation of The Boys set to star Simon Pegg? So he must already have some interest in how Wright's movies work - I wonder if we're going to get essentially a cover-version of how Edgar Wright would have directed it?

I've never understood all the hype around Anchorman, but never the love for The Other Guys. In my opinion, it was far funnier, and just a great film altogether.

*censored version*
who the hecks "Ant-man" does the world really need another darn 'super hero' film?
the geek-generation is ending(thank crikey)
catch up Hollywood and get back to making original films and stop pandering.....

According to ComingSoon via Ain't it cool news that McKay dropped out of negotiations.

If you consider every film not directed by Edger Wright a 'disaster waiting to happen' you must lead a very sheltered life.

If you gather the wrong conclusions from incomplete data you may need to go back to elementary school.

I could care less about Edgar Wright.

An interesting website on which to choose to leave such a comment. :-/

Or you could tell us what you actually meant, rather than being condescending?

Also, do you mean you couldn't care less about Edgar Wright?

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