James Gunn discusses Edgar Wright Ant-Man departure

News Rob Leane 27 May 2014 - 06:54

The Guardians of the Galaxy director likens Marvel and Edgar Wright's Ant-Man falling-out to a break-up.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, the first responses to Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man departure began pouring in, including Joss Whedon stoically holding aloft a Cornetto.

Slightly more enlightening, still without giving much away, was Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn’s response from his Facebook page:

“Sometimes you have friends in a relationship. You love each of them dearly as individuals and think they’re amazing people. When they talk to you about their troubles, you do everything you can to support them, to keep them together, because if you love them both so much doesn’t it make sense they should love each other? But little by little you realize, at heart, they aren’t meant to be together – not because there’s anything wrong with either of them, but they just don’t have personalities that mesh in a comfortable way. They don’t make each other happy. Although it’s sad to see them split, when they do, you’re surprisingly relieved, and excited to see where their lives take them next.

It’s easy to try to make one party 'right' and another party 'wrong' when a breakup happens, but it often isn’t that simple. Or perhaps it’s even more simple than that – not everyone belongs in a relationship together. It doesn’t mean they’re not wonderful people.

And that’s true of both Edgar Wright and Marvel. One of them isn’t a person, but I think you get what I mean.”

There’s still no word on who’s taking over the project, but we’ll update you as soon as we know.


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good ol Gunn

James is a top bloke. Bit weird. But a good egg.

I wouldn't be shocked if gunn took over ant man as he'll be free in a couple of months

Gunn seems like a strange bloke but at least his heart is in the right place. I do agree with him though. Obviously disappointed but I'm still very excited to see how Ant Man comes together and I'll keep a look out at what Edgar Wright decides to focus on.

This is weird. He makes it sound like Edgar Wright and Marvel were in a romantic relationship. Whedon said it all with one picture. This is just... I don't know what this is, but it's really really weird. He talks about each person as individuals, but then at the end clearly states that one of them isn't a person. It's like he's confused and he was talking about a divorce, but at the end realised one of them is a corporation. I read this, and then I think about the fact that he wrote the script for Guardians of The Galaxy, and now I'm worried about that film. Maybe he's working on Marvel's Kramer Vs Kramer.

It's call an 'analogy'... it's like, when somebody compares something to another thing. And while that other thing isn't directly the same as the something, they share similar properties and the comparison is made on that basis.

I know it's an analogy, but I don't understand why he felt the need to use one. It comes across as overly-sentimental.

But why make the party 'right' when you could make it 'Wright'? T_T

Well - Wright and Marvel have been working on it for (I think!) seven years. Plenty of time to get a bit sentimental when it doesn't work out... it's a bit like a relationship in that sense. Even working on a project for a year or six months could be grounds for sentimentality, if those involved gave a monkeys - which they obviously do in this case...

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