Evangeline Lilly linked with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man

News Simon Brew 6 Feb 2014 - 06:35

Evangeline Lilly is set to go from the world of The Hobbit to the world of Marvel's Ant-Man...

We know that Paul Rudd is taking the title role in Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant-Man movie, and we also know that Michael Douglas has signed up for the film as well. Now we're hearing that Lost and The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug star Evangeline Lilly is being linked with the project.

Variety reports that she's up for one of the leading roles in Ant-Man, speculating that she'll either be a love interest to Rudd's Scott Lang, or the daughter of Douglas' Hank Pym. Marvel, predictably, has remained tight-lipped for the time being.

Production on Ant-Man is set to begin in April, ahead of the film's release in July 2015. Expecting a few more casting rumours in the next few weeks, before the inevitable formal Marvel announcement...


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Surely Janet Van Dyne aka Wasp?

Or both? Scott Lang dating the daughter of Hank Pym would explain how the former discovers the suit...

I was thinking that too.

or SHIELD Agent Janet Van Dyne, trained by Pym to use the tech in order to capture Lang?


She's going places, hope she gets it

I must be the only person who has never heard of Ant man. What are his powers and how do he utilize them in the real world?

He basically has a molecular-altering suit which can make him the size of an ant (but still retaining the strength of a human) or make him so big that normal humans are like ants.

I think he uses the powers for sneaking into somewhere or getting somewhere quicker if he's big.

Oh. So, "Honey I Shrunk the Superhero" then?

Not only can he alter his own size but he can alter other people or objects size and weight. So he could prevent a bank robbery by shrinking them to capture them or he can shrink an entire lab to the size of a micro chip making it easier for transportation. He can also communicate and control ants and other insects.

Cheers for the info. I feel there is plenty of humour to be had in the fight sequences. I imagine a fully grown man being thrown around the room by an ant sized man.

I don't know about Scott, but Hank's other main deal was that he was a bloody genius - with the Ant Man suit being just one of the amazing technologies he created.

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