Ant-Man takes Batman Vs Superman's original release date

News Simon Brew
24 Jan 2014 - 06:58

Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie has seen its release date move forward again...

For the second time, Marvel has brought forward the release date of Edgar Wright's big screen take on Ant-Man. The movie had recently settled on a release date of July 31st 2015. However, with Batman Vs Superman being put back to 2016, that's left an earlier slot open and available. And Ant-Man has been moved forward to capitalise on that.

Thus, you can now expect to see the Ant-Man movie, starring Paul Rudd, from July 17th 2015. That puts it head to head with Joe Wright's live action Peter Pan origin story, Pan. Ant-Man versus Peter Pan, then. That rhymes.

More on Ant-Man as we hear it...

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