Paul Rudd lands Ant-Man role

News Simon Brew 19 Dec 2013 - 06:26

It looks like Edgar Wright has found his Ant-Man, as Paul Rudd is set to headline Marvel and Edgar Wright's upcoming movie...

Following no shortage of speculation over the past few weeks, The Wrap is now reporting that the role of Hank Pym/Ant-Man in Edgar Wright's upcoming movie has gone to Paul Rudd.

Most recently, reports had suggested that the shortlist was down to two, with Rudd up against Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gordon-Levitt is set to take on Sandman (although he's only confirmed producer duties thus far), yet Rudd apparently was deemed "more of a natural fit for the comedic character" in the Ant-Man movie.

This hasn't yet been confirmed by any of Rudd, Marvel and Edgar Wright, but the report cites "multiple sources" saying that Rudd has indeed landed the role.

Ant-Man is currently scheduled for release on July 31st 2015.

The Wrap.

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Once again marvel leads the way in casting actors over money spinners and long may it continue.

Comedic? Doesn't Hank bash his wife - that's not amusing! Lets hope they skip that part of his history out then :)

That wasn't until the 80s. As this is an origins tale I'd expect this mostly uses the 60s stuff as source material. And as there's been no news of Janet Van Dyne's casting I imagine they might be saving Wasp for a potential sequel

Awesome casting. I recall when Downey Jr was announced as Tony Stark and I immediately got chills, I knew he was perfect. I'm getting the same feeling about Rudd here. Good job Marvel.

I like Rudd as an actor and I don't see a 'poor fit' with him as Pym, but I would have prefered a relative unknown. Yes, I know RDJ is a brilliant Stark, but IMHO unknowns are always a good way to go for iconic characters. A good example is SLJ's Nick Fury, that's not Nick Fury, it's just Jules Winnfield in an eye patch. Ruffallo's Banner worked better for me because I had no idea of Ruffallo before Avengers.

Top choice I think and one I honestly wouldn't have thought of that makes great sense. Its inevitable Downey Jnr will drop out the Marvel universe at some point, maybe permanently but certainly for an extended period of time, and Rudd will be great to fill that void. Would love to see him get Cap and Thor to SLAPPA DA BASSS MON!!!!

He did... but I reckon the Disney/Marvel films will go nowhere near that story arc. If they do in a future sequel then it would be a massively risky but brave move. Hard to make a character likeable when he is a wife beating asshole.

My initial reaction was surprise, but the more I think about, the more I can see this working. Not really seen Rudd in any kind of 'action' movie before.

When you talk about JGL for Sandman, DoG do realise that this isn't a Spidey tie-in, right...?
Just seems odd that they would mention it in a Marvelverse related story is all. Wasn't aware he was ever in the running for Pymm.

Rudd isn't exactly a mega-star though, and usually in a more supporting role.

They have 50+ years of stories to use so I think they can avoid the more darker aspects - in the same way the Iron Man films haven't tackled Tony Stark's alcoholism head on.

So are we just having Pym in modern times?

I was hoping for Pym in the 1960's/70's and then Lang or O'Grady in the modern day, along with the older Pym.

True, true. It could have been a LOT worse. Perhaps Tom Cruise could have been considered, but I suspect playing a 'tiny man' would be a bitter pill to swallow for Cruise!

certainly better than Jack Reacher #still seething

I knew next to nothing about the JR character before seeing the film. I thought the film was okay, Cruise was as watchable as ever, but... he wasn't playing anything different to what he's played before. He wasn't a 'character' it was just surly-Cruise. Oh and then there's the script reference to him where the motel owner says "there's only one guy staying that looks like he could do some damage" (or similar) and then little Cruise walks out! Rubbish! Had I been a JR fan, that line would have been the final straw.

They needed a big unknown to play him (circling back to my original point).

I love Paul Rudd. He definitely deserves a role that will make him a star and he's a good fit. Happy days!

google neil gaiman's sandman and come back :p

Good casting, I just hope they don't make Hank Pym the scew up he's been in the comics over the years. I just want the poor guy to be happy!

I'm also looking forward to the mix of Edgar Wrigth and Rudd, who is like Simon Pegg in that he can act straight and still be funny or in funny situations, and we know that exactly what Wright can excel at too. I also hope the movie is a blockbuster but keeps a quirky edge, fingers crossed that's why Wright was hired for this gig.

Always liked the guy - seeing him in an action role should be a blast.

I think this film will be sold more on it being 'an MCU film' and 'an Edgar Wright film' rather than the star of it.

I would like this film to not have a villain

I also remember when Downey was announced, and those that did not know the Stark character thought Marvel were insane taking on a supposed washed-up actor. But like you said Grando, true believers knew that they had the right man.

Excellent choice.

Pegg mugs, Rudd acts.

OK, done that, what's your point? It still has nothing to do with Marvel OR Spider-man... tenuously there is a comic book related theme, but that's all.

My main point, as I clearly said, was that I wasn't aware of the JGL was even in the running to play Pym, so I don't see the relevance of mentioning him in this story.

So maybe an Antman film where he goes around doing his shopping and ironing and has to battle through traffic to get the best parking space?

About time Paul Rudd started getting lead roles, he's been the best thing in a lot of forgettable/shity comedies/comedy-dramas for way way to long.

as for the film itself, ive never heard of antman and holywood needs to realise that generation geek is on the decline(thank god)

and the you should also know that JGL and PR were both being considered for the role

Maybe they mentioned it because it's owned by dc??

It's not rocket science. They were both up for this role but now JGL is going to be busy producing Sandman so is no doubt out of the running.

All the MCU origin films have had the hero discovering his powers and then fighting an evil version of himself (Iron Man vs Iron Monger, Hulk vs Abomination, Thor vs Loki, Cap vs Red Skull). I don't think Ant-Man has a villain that shrinks down with him(?) so Marvel should go a different route.

The original premise was to have Pym in the 1960/70's and then Lang in the modern day (around the same time as Avengers 2). The 60/70's part could be a SciFi adventure (like Innerspace, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) making it more about him being small rather than having a bad guy to fight. After this is concluded he decides it is too risky to pursue the life of a Superhero, shelves his uniform/equipment and returns to safer lab work (maybe working on Pym's 'Ultron' concept...).

Then, in the present day (around the same time as 'Avengers 2')
Scott Lang can steal the Ant-Man suit and equipment from Pym's home and we can have a small adventure with him. Although Lang is a thief it is revealed after he is caught by S.H.I.E.L.D that he had good intentions. Because of this Pym does not press charges and a friendshipdevelops between the now 70 something year old Pym acting as mentor to Scott Lang the new Ant-Man, and a future member of the Avengers....

Every single story the last 2 months has been about how JGL and Rudd were both up for Ant Man

If memory serves (haven't read it again since it first came out) he hit Janet after becoming Yellowjacket. A lab accident caused changes to Pym's brain chemistry & he became paranoid & aggressive. He stopped being Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Goliath & became Yellowjacket with a different & unstable personality. Later he hit Janet & was suspended from the Avengers & had a complete breakdown, so I doubt this story will be done in the movie, especially as he had stopped being Ant-Man by the time this arc started.

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