Is Marvel finally pressing ahead with Ant-Man?

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Rumours from Cannes suggests that Edgar Wright might have got the greenlight for his Ant-Man movie from Marvel...

Just last week we were speculating as to what the thus-far unnamed movie on Marvel's 2014 release calendar was likely to be. And it looks like the runes are increasingly pointing in the direction of Ant-Man.

There's been nothing concrete on this, we should point out, rather an increased concentration of rumours surrounding the project. Ant-Man has been nursed along by Edgar Wright for some time, and it's no secret that work has been going on with regards the script. But there was a fear it would be one of those projects that's always on the back-burner, but never gets the greenlight.

Last week, though, Edgar Wright commented that he hoped to be able to shoot some of Ant-Man this year. He's already set to roll cameras on the eagerly-awaited The World's End, which is due in cinemas in the spring of 2013. Could he really slot Ant-Man work in as well?

Possibly. And the latest rumours, as reported by Twitch, are emanating from Cannes Film Festival. They indicate that Ant-Man has indeed been given a greenlight by Marvel. Twitch isn't the kind of source known to hyperbole, either, although the site does tag its Tweet on the matter as a rumour.

But are things finally aligning? And are the two projects that most fans want Edgar Wright to tackle the most both coming together at the same time? We'll be sure to keep you posted...

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As much as I love Edgar Wright and Marvel, I have no interest in seeing an Ant Man film. They made this deal back when they made Jon Favreau's Iron Man deal and I think it's time they acknowledged it was a mistake at a time they were keen to get films made. Another white scientist has little original to offer the MCU (write Ultron and Vision in another way if you have to) and being able to become a giant man isn't that exciting. Even less exciting is being able to become a small man and talk to ants.

I don't think Ant Man will appeal to a wider audience in the same way Iron Man and Thor did and I don't even think there's a huge amount of support for this character getting his own solo film from the geek contingent. I know there are people that want to see it and that he has his supporters but I'm betting Ant Man as being Marvels first out and out flop and thematically, I don't see him bringing anything to the table Avengers wise that isn't being covered by at least 2 other characters.

Introduce Ant Man and have Nick Fury request his assistance with transferring the consciousness of Agent Coulson into a humanoid robot (original human torch). Agent Coulson's Cello playing girlfriend involved, anguish at his death triggers her hex powers - make Scarlett Witch a protagonist, redeemed by the end.

Has potential to add Ant Man, Wasp, Vision and Scarlet Witch ready for Avengers 2...

I'll bet this was written by Ant-Man's nemesis . . . whoever that is.


You obviously have no sense of the character of Hank Pym.

He is the anti-stark.  A Tony-level genius with loser sensibilities.

His lack of self-confidence against a bullish giant like Stark would make for some great team chemistry.  He would become the underdog character people root for when an a*hole like Stark can sometimes put them off.

I would love to see this movie go ahead.


I agree with Rob Grundy - which I'm sure has happened before - that Ant-man just doesn't have the cinematic appeal that Thor and Iron Man do. Captain America was perhaps pushing the boundaries of cinematic appeal but I think it worked well because of Chris Evans and the 1940s setting. However, if Edgar Wright can get a good script and a good lead Actor tha who knows. I think if this film has any hope, they will need to introduce Ultron straight away, as he is the only really good villain.

No interest in seeing an Ant Man movie in the slightest. Concerned this will become a comedy starring someone odious who I'll then be forced to watch in the next Avengers movie. Sure someone mentioned Will Ferrell a while ago. Can't think of anything more likely to push me to suicide. Don't want him shouting his comedy at me.

Honestly, an Ant-man movie would make my life. I have loved the guy for years, and just needs to happen. I would be there on opening night, freakin' nerd-spazzing out everywhere.
Whilst not a lot of people are bothered about this possibility....the ones who are....dayum, they want it. I am bloody one of them. Bow down to the Ant-man....or, you know, respect him.

 Magnifying glass man.

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