The Conjuring spin-off movie set for October

News Simon Brew 8 Jul 2014 - 06:09

Warner Bros has confirmed that Annabelle, the spin-off from The Conjuring, will land in October...

Ahead of a full sequel to The Conjuring, Warner Bros - through its New Line arm - has also got a spin-off from the hit movie on the way. As such, it's been announced that Annabelle is going to be released this coming October.

The film has an exact US release date of October 3rd (which puts it up against David Fincher's take on Gone Girl), and we'd expect it around the same time in the UK (although its UK date hasn't been confirmed yet).

Annabelle stars Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton, and is directed by John Leonetti (who was cinematographer on The Conjuring). James Wan is executive producer, and Gary Gauberman has penned the script.

More as we hear it.

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I really enjoyed The Conjuring but I don't think that the Annabelle doll added anything to the main story other than being an enjoyable prologue to introduce the paranormal investigators. Maybe James Wan has a thing for dolls...

Hadn't even heard of this. I'm more interested in The Conjuring 2, but still, count me in.

Agreed. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Conjuring. The creepy doll, not so much.

Is this just going to retread that prologue story? I'm game if they're going to do something fresh.

From the director of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and The Butterfly Effect 2...can hardly wait!

He definitely does have a thing for dolls. You've seen Dead Silence, right?

Yeah I have seen it, pretty good too. Obviously that's based on a doll but there's also Annabelle, the Jigsaw doll and I can't remember the first much, but Insidious 2 had the killer's house/room full of dolls and a dollhouse.

Not that I'm complaining, mind. I find dolls creepy as Hell so having them in horror films automatically makes them scarier than others for me.

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