Anchorman 3: "definitely no"

News Simon Brew 28 Feb 2014 - 06:48

Director Adam McKay rules out a third Anchorman movie...

It took a long time for people who greenlight movies for a living to give the nod to last year's Anchorman: The Legend Continues. Turns out, after all the umming and aahing, that the film has proven to be a solid hit for Paramount. So much so that a new cut arrives in cinemas today for a week, with more jokes added in.

However, if you're thinking of starting a campaign for Anchorman 3, it's probably best not to bother. Chatting to Empire, director Adam McKay has ruled out returning to the land of Ron Burgundy again.

He said "that’s the last sequel we’re gonna do. There’s nothing more fun to me than new characters and a new world. And now we’re releasing this alt version, we’re totally satisfied. No Anchorman 3.  I’m going to say definitely no. I’ll actually say it in this case!".

Anchorman 2, incidentally, arrives on DVD and Blu-ray at the end of April.


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Given how long it took to make, and how poor the second one was (I think people viewed on faith rather than good press) is this news a surprise to anyone?

So in about a decade, don't be surprised if you find something called "Son of Anchorman" whilst flicking through the Netflix recommendations.

I agree, the 2nd one was pretty awful.

Same old jokes but done more over the top. You would have thought the cast would have realised how un funny the jokes were this time round.

WTF was up with that fight at the end. Was ridiculous.

But, a rubbish film that makes the studio money. Just look at how terrible The Hangover 2 was, ended up being the highest grossing comedy film of all time. I think??

And that actually spawned a better 3rd film.

If you think the fight was bad you're watching it wrong. It's supposed to be OTT and ridiculous

Yes, I know it was meant to be, I'm not that stupid.

When the Minotaur turned up, it's not like I was hoping he would win best supporting actor! For me, it didn't work. It being more OTT did not make it any more funny, it made it ridiculous. It did not have the desired effect.

The only scenes I found myself laughing at were with Ron and his boss GF but for some reason there was only a few of those. Instead they decided to re-hash old jokes and kill them.

Good. Anchorman 2 was horrible

I actually really liked the second one (apart from all the godawful racist "humour", which made for the most uncomfortable atmosphere I've ever experienced in a cinema), but I'm cool with this news.

I reasonably enjoyed too.... APART from the horrible section you mentioned!

just don't get the negativity, i thought it was great fun

Anchormanisaurus Vs Sharktopus on Syfy, coming soon.

Haven't seen 2, I managed 40mins of Anchorman though on TV, that was enough for me.

You must live in the US. They think pretty much everything is racist there.

I'd watch that, I love the sharktopus movies.

No, I'm a UK-er. And the bits I'm referring to were most definitely racist, even if they were ostensibly supposed to be making fun of racism.

Worst of all they just weren't funny.

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