Paul Weitz on American Pie 5

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28 Feb 2013 - 06:40
American Reunion

The co-director of the first American Pie movie gives an update as to where things are with the franchise...

Paul Weitz, along with his brother Chris, may only have directed the first American Pie movie, but he's had an executive producer credit ever since, and has had some kind of involvement with the subsequent movies. Although we don't blame him for the straight to DVD adventures.

Weitz, who's promoting his new movie Admission, was chatting to The Hollywood Reporter, and they asked him about the talk of American Pie 5. "I'm happy that keeps on going", he said. "I imagine [there will be]. I think this one kind of benefited from being seven years since the last one, so there's a curiosity factor".

So: just how involved does Universal make him in the sequels? "It kind of happens where they tell me about it, and I go 'Neat'. And if they want my two cents, I give it". On American Reunion, he admitted to not being heavily involved, although he did read the script and thought a good job had been done. "I gave them some ideas. Most of them weren't used, a couple were useful".

Universal has re-hired the American Reunion team of Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg to make the next film in the series. Expect American Retirement in about 25 years time at this rate. But can we have a Eugene Levy spin-off movie?

The Hollywood Reporter.

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