Amazon not taking preorders for The LEGO Movie in the US

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11 Jun 2014 - 06:43

Amazon in the US is not taking pre-orders for Warner Bros DVDs and Blu-rays, including The LEGO Movie...

Already embroiled in a dispute with book publisher Hachette that's seen it not take preorders for a series of upcoming publications, Amazon in the US is now employing a similar tactic with Warner Bros.

Amazon US and Warner Bros have been in dispute for a little while, apparently in a contractual wrangling over terms. Amazon is looking, it seems, to gain more margin. Warner Bros isn't playing ball.

As such, if you go to the website and try to order forthcoming Warner Bros titles such as The LEGO Movie, Transcendence and 300: Rise Of An Empire, you can't. Instead, you can sign up to find out when the movie in question will be available. In the case of The LEGO Movie, expected to be one of the biggest selling DVD and Blu-ray releases of the year, it's available everywhere else in America next week. But Amazon is showing no signs of budging.

This stance hasn't been reflected in the UK, at least thus far, where Warner Bros titles are freely available to pre-order.

Coming off the back of the high profile Hachette stand-off, where Amazon is apparently not only not listing future book releases, but also delaying shipping of released titles, this doesn't make the etailer look particularly good. We wait and see how all this plays out.

Hachette and Warner Bros products are available from lots of other suppliers. Other suppliers who are quite happy to take your orders.

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