Set picture from All You Need is Kill

News Glen Chapman 26 Nov 2012 - 06:31

Tom Cruise emerges from a helicopter on the set of Doug Liman's All You Need is Kill...

Tom Cruise, with his next two films already in the can, is currently in the UK filming scenes for Doug Liman's All You Need Is Kill. It's a project based on the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

The sci-fi thriller finds Tom Cruise playing a soldier who must relive the same battle against a deadly alien foe over and over again. The film also stars Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton among others. And given that the film is shooting out in the open in Britain, inevitably set snaps have started to appear online. Here, then, is a  picture of Cruise emerging from a helicopter, in his military outfit.

All You Need is Kill is scheduled for release on the March 14th 2014.

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Hmm, groundhog day with guns.

Sounds remarkably similar to The Sky Crawlers.

Also, when Cruise did Lions for Lambs, I thought it was part of a concerted effort to move away from action and towards drama as he approached his 50s. Having a look as his upcoming films slate, it's wall to wall action, so it seems he gave up on that...

It's actually based on a Japanese SF novel (well, DoG did mention that...), as was THE SKY CRAWLERS. AYNIK was translated into English, so you can find it. Great book--short, but packs a lot into only 200 pages.


Get your hands on the book and give it a read.

I read the novel this film is based on a few years ago. It was OK, not amazing - I liked the central hook - it really is Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers, but feels very 'anime' in terms of aesthetics and feel (I know it sounds strange when discussing a novel!). I don't know why they're filming in London though - IIRC the novel is pretty much entirely set in the South East Asia/Australasia, much of the planet having been stripped of all life and nutrients and turned into a desert wasteland by the locust-like alien invaders.

The 'twist' that explains the timeloop story dynamic and who the invaders are is mostly satisfying, but very un-cinematic, I expect there's going to be little from the book that survives the Hollywood grinder...

Yep, I saw that online. Strangely enough, the Wikipedia entry for All You Need Is Kill has a link to The Sky Crawlers entry, but with no explanation :-S

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