Alien prequel rumour mill: Lance Henriksen? Romance?

News Weyland Yutani
21 Oct 2010 - 17:43

New details have surfaced about the Alien prequel’s script and some of them are very, very strange indeed...

Information snippets continue to float in for Ridley Scott's Untitled Alien Prequel, and it's a film we're keeping an eye on with a mixture of anticipation and mild anxiety.

And just as we've begun to digest the possibility that Natalie Portman, Gemma Arterton, Carey Mulligan and Noomi Rapace could be in line to replace Sigourney Weaver as the franchise's heroine, more rumours have arrived courtesy of io9, and very strange they are too.

According to their story, Australian website What's Playing has got its hands on the latest draft of the prequel's script, which apparently reveals that the film will be a "part science-fiction, part psychological drama and part romance", and that it will, as director Ridley Scott had already suggested, focus on the history of the huge space jockeys seen in the original Alien.

These space jockeys are masters of genetic manipulation, creating the deadly creature (which the script calls a ‘grower') that terrorised the crew of the Nostromo, a lifeform that is somehow used to terraform planets.

The story also claims that Lance Henriksen plays a part in the plot, though quite how isn't made clear.

How seriously we should take these rumours isn't clear.What's Playing have since removed much of the story from its website, and merely mentions the fact that Henriksen's name has been attached to the project.

The inclusion of Henriksen is an unexpected one. His character was cleverly integrated into Alien 3, but how will writer Damon Lindelof work him into a prequel apparently set 35 years before the events of Alien? Will he take Alien Vs Predator's version of franchise lore as gospel, and have Charles Bishop Weyland the founder of Weyland Industries? If so, the gap between AVP's 2004 and Alien's 2122 would suggest that Weyland is long dead, and that Henriksen will play an early iteration of his android twin, Bishop.

What's even more perplexing is the suggestion that the space jockeys rear humans and, in one scene that sounds rather strange to us, force them to "engage in sexual activity" via mind control. For a movie aiming for a PG-13 certificate, it sounds like a decidedly risky (and risque) move.

All this should, of course, be taken with industrial quantities of salt. There's no evidence to back up the leak's claims, and even if they're accurate, could change greatly before the Alien prequel's shoot gets under way.


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