Alien Quadrilogy - Blu-ray coming!

News Martin Anderson
22 Feb 2009 - 20:47
The screaming starts this Wednesday...

One of the best ever special collections gets a much deserved resolution upgrade...

The excellent Alien Experience website has revealed through their industry insiders that the Alien Quadrilogy, one of the finest and most complete collections of any film franchise, is headed to Blu-ray.

The post says that the collection, already bulging with goodies that include a first-class two-hour documentary on each movie, will have new and expanded extra content.

For me, this may be the 'ah, bugger' moment that gets me on the Blu-ray bandwagon, and it could be likewise for others, I suspect.

The big question is: how will James Cameron's Aliens (1986) stand up to a really high-res transfer? The film was famously shot on the very last batch of some of Kodak's grainier high ASA material. This is one of the reasons that the extensive wire-work in the practical special effects sequences is completely hidden.

We'll pass along more details as they come in, but the Blu-ray quadrilogy is expected for the end of the year.

Alien Quadrilogy Coming to Blu-Ray!

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