Disney orders screenplay for Alice In Wonderland 2

News Simon Brew 10 Dec 2012 - 06:23
Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland

A script has been ordered for a sequel to Tim Burton's hit movie of Alice In Wonderland, starring Johnny Depp...

Lots of people out there must really, really like Tim Burton's big screen live action take on Alice In Wonderland. The movie took over a billion dollars at the box office worldwide, and seems to have been used endlessly to promote other films. Even Frankenweenie got saddled with 'from the director of Alice In Wonderland'.

Thing is, we've never met anybody who particularly likes the film that much. It's perfectly efficient for what it does, but it's a surprisingly unspectacular piece of cinema.

However, the crucial part is that billion dollar box office take, and with that in mind, Disney has begun work on an Alice In Wonderland 2.

The studio has ordered a screenplay from Linda Woolverton. She penned the first movie, and she'll presumably be digging back into the writing of Lewis Carroll for inspiration for this second one.

It's unclear at this stage whether Tim Burton is interested in returning (he only has one direct sequel to his name to date, 1992's Batman Returns), or whether Johnny Depp will be back to star. We'll let you know when we find out more.


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Hahahaha... Oh man.

Sigh. The first should've been amazing. Burton and Wonderland should've been a perfect combination, but it surprisingly wasn't. Oh well, maybe he's got a second chance to make it good?

Wait... Alice in Wonderland was a 'hit'?

Just me that loves the movie then

And yet Firefly only got one series...

Logic... it's a fickle thing.

I just just checked mojo... and holy crap. It really did make a billion dollars. I. Am. Speechless. Surely there's a mistake or something...

How can you actually make a sequel to that?!

I have to say, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was the first adaption of Alice in Wonderland I actually liked. All the others, including Disney's animation, I couldn't really follow and didn't make any sense. It always felt like a bunch of ideas thrown together.

I think it was the FAD that 3D was at the time, it was the first major 3D release after Avatar and as it's a well known children's book it undoubtedly would be popular. But it doesn't have the charm for repeat viewings - for me it was a curiosity and I went to see it because my friends were going. not because i was compelled to see it. It's a shame a film is commissioned on the basis of its predecessors box office performance rather than any desire to see source material on the big screen.

Take it nobody has heard of "through the looking glass" the sequel of Alice in wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Well I'd say $1bn box office is a hit, whether it's good or not.

I really liked Alice In Wonderland actually. Not too keen on the idea of a sequel though.

The writer(s) haven't met anyone who really liked the film? *Holds out hand* Hi there, pleased to meet you. I went with a friend, not knowing quite what to expect, except that it was going to be visually glorious (it was), and came out going WOW! I loved that it made numerous references to the original source material, yet took it all in a different direction. And Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter was a delight -- veering between (near) sanity and wackiness in a heartbeat, then dipping down for an undertone of sweet pathos. And I didn't even see it 3D, reg. old 2D was perfectly fine with me. I say bring it on!

I really loved this movie and thought it was fantastic. I would love to see a sequel.

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