Disney orders screenplay for Alice In Wonderland 2

News Simon Brew
10 Dec 2012 - 06:23
Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland

A script has been ordered for a sequel to Tim Burton's hit movie of Alice In Wonderland, starring Johnny Depp...

Lots of people out there must really, really like Tim Burton's big screen live action take on Alice In Wonderland. The movie took over a billion dollars at the box office worldwide, and seems to have been used endlessly to promote other films. Even Frankenweenie got saddled with 'from the director of Alice In Wonderland'.

Thing is, we've never met anybody who particularly likes the film that much. It's perfectly efficient for what it does, but it's a surprisingly unspectacular piece of cinema.

However, the crucial part is that billion dollar box office take, and with that in mind, Disney has begun work on an Alice In Wonderland 2.

The studio has ordered a screenplay from Linda Woolverton. She penned the first movie, and she'll presumably be digging back into the writing of Lewis Carroll for inspiration for this second one.

It's unclear at this stage whether Tim Burton is interested in returning (he only has one direct sequel to his name to date, 1992's Batman Returns), or whether Johnny Depp will be back to star. We'll let you know when we find out more.


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