First trailer for Alex Cross

Trailer Simon Brew 26 Jun 2012 - 06:11

James Patterson's Alex Cross is making the jump to the big screen. And we've got the first trailer right here...

"You are sick and twisted".

To say that author James Patterson is prolific is a bit like saying they used to make one or two Police Academy sequels. His name appears on a new book seemingly every month. He doesn't write them all, of course. A closer inspection of the front cover of most of his novels gives Patterson a big credit at the top, with a slightly smaller 'With So and So' credit at the bottom, presumably the person who did the bulk of the work.

Still, that's not to say Patterson doesn't pen some of the books that wear his name himself, and the most popular feature the character of Alex Cross. The same Alex Cross who now finds himself in a movie.

The film, which is due in October, is directed by Rob Cohen (xXx, The Fast And The Furious), and stars Tyler Perry as Cross, with Lost's Matthew Fox playing a serial killer. The first trailer for Alex Cross has appeared, too, and you can take a look at it right here...

And remember: er, don't ever cross Alex Cross.

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Yeah, so instead of Idris Elba we get the human uncanny valley, Tyler Perry. Can't Aardman go in and post animate his eyebrows so we get some... Gromit like level of emoting.

I blame the churchgirls.

this looks interesting if only for casting against type. matthew fox was the earnest, noble reluctant leader for 6 years on lost; and my understanding is tyler perry normally does ouch-my-balls level comedy. so its fascinating that someone put them in a film like this.

I often try and imagine films where all the main characters are cast in an opposite way than what you would expect. Tom Cruise as a psychosexual serial killer. Tom Hanks as a brutal interrogator or mafia enforcer. philip seymour hoffman or steve buscemi as the romantic hero lead who saves the day and gets the girl. Clint Eastwood as a flaming gay club owner.

one of the great things about breaking bad was no one was expecting that from bryan cranston. or who was expecting John Goodman to play batshit scary people in Cohen brothers movies after years of his jovial character on Roseanne. or jim carrey in spotless mind. i loved seeing uma thurman lose out to janeane garofalo in truth about cats and dogs. Jason Statham as an angst ridden impotent man in the film, London was a great role, possibly his only non-shirtless kick and shoot role.

it doesn't always work. . . robert deniro in stardust. harvey keitel in last temptation. actually anyone scorsesian not cast as a new york tough. those hollow icons of the seventies had no range. some emoting maybe, but no range.

Only this isn't the first time Alex Cross has been adapted for the big screen...
Morgan Freeman played him in Kiss the Girls and Along Came A Spider. Or are we supposed to forget that?

I wish I could because that was terrible casting of one of the all time greats in a part that was completely transformed into Tamer Seven: Once More with Morgan Freeman and had nothing (or not much) to do with the original Alex Cross.

What does that have to do with this new movie anyway? Didya know that Gary Oldman was not the first Dracula? Spoiler Alert! He wasn't.

Probably due to the fact that the opening paragraph talks of the character 'making the jump to the big screen', then goes on to say how he 'now finds himself in a movie'.
Jump made. Then.
Good reporting would have at least included the mention of previous screen appearances.

Oh dear... This looks TERRIBLE. Talk about cheesy dialogue... I'm going to go and watch Se7en now, just to get the memory of that trailer out of my head...

Apologies for not fully explaining myself. Having not read any of the James Patterson books I was basing my opinion of Alex Cross on Morgan Freeman.

Even if he was not an accurate portrayal of the character, I'd still rather have him than Tyler Perry.

Wow!! That trailer gives everything away, most murders, probably every showdown up to and including the ending I'd be willing to bet. I will now be saving my money. Maybe I will rent it for a quarter of the price it would cost me & the missus to see in a cinema. Well done to all concerned for saving me some cash.

Yeah, they really shouldn't have announced Idris elba for this first. Replacing him with Tyler Perry is a bit like buying tickets to a Dave Chappelle show, only to have Lenny Henry step on stage instead...

I remember reading up a while back about this been made and everybody groaning about tyler perry, Not seen a film with him in before, But this doesnt look too bad tbh. Matthew fox looks absolutely terrifying!

Tyler Fcukin Perry?????????? WTF???????????

I have to say, I don't normally like judging films by trailers, but this looks terrible. Tyler Perry's Alex Cross seems a bit dull and not very interesting and the film seems like it will be an extended version of CSI, with some more action scenes. I will wait for the reviews but there are some more interesting films to look forward to.

idris would have done this role proud

Tyler Perry''s Madea Cross starring Tyler Perry

I just can't do it....I can't watch Tyler Perry play one of my favourite characters....let alone attempt a serious role..

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