Zachary Quinto boards new Hitman movie, Agent 47

News Simon Brew 4 Feb 2014 - 06:38
Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto joins Rupert Friend in the Hitman movie reboot, Agent 47...

The last attempt to bring the Hitman movie series to the big screen cast Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47, and had Xavier Gens behind the camera. While not without problems, it was one of the better videogame-to-movie adaptations.

It didn't do enough business, it seems, to get a sequel moving though, and for a little while now, the plan has been to go down reboot road. As such, Rupert Friend has signed up to play the title character this time - the reboot will be called Agent 47 - with Aleksander Bach directing. Skip Woods has penned the script. The late Paul Walker was originally intended for the lead role.

Now we learn that Zachary Quinto is signed up to co-star in Agent 47. His role is not yet clear, although unlike Friend, he'll be keeping his hair. Production is set to start in March, presumably ahead of a release in 2015. We'll let you know as we hear more.


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Ok, own up. Who asked for another Hitman movie?

"One of the better videogame-to-movie adaptations"... It really, really wasn't. Aside from Max Payne, it's by far the worst game adaptation I've ever seen, and there is no need for a sequel, let alone a reboot.

Time for Quinto to get a new agent, but definitely not Agent 47.

Really? Worse than Streetfighter and SF: Legend of Chun-Li???? Worse than Doom?
Me thinks not

I actually love Streetfighter as a movie that's so bad it's awesome, kinda like The Room or the Nic Cage Wickerman. Plus the late, great Raul Julia was being his usual fantastic self as M. Bison (and if you're familiar with the Nostalgia Critic, gave us the "OF COURSE!" joke). Doom mostly sucked, though it was fun seeing Karl Urban and The Rock hamming it up. Plus the first person section was imaginatively done.

Though if there's one videogame film franchise that needs to die, it's Resident Evil. They've just gotten progressively worse since the second one.

I have conflicting emotions about DOA, I should hate it but I don't. Perhaps I should I hate myself for liking it. bad

Well, I liked the Olyphant version, despite its glitches. A reboot seems a bit desperate to me.

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