Bryan Singer developing Age Of Heroes

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11 Jul 2014 - 07:39

Off the back of his latest X-Men success, Bryan Singer adds Age Of Heroes to his slate...

With his next year or two set to be dominated by bringing X-Men: Apocalypse to the big screen, Bryan Singer is nonetheless building on the success of this summer's X-Men: Days Of Future Past with a new project or two.

One of them is Age Of Heroes, based on the 90s comic series by James Hudnall. It followed a bunch of misfit characters in a land that's ruled over by gods. When said gods disappear, this unlikely bunch has the job of protecting that land from the magic and monsters that are suddenly allowed to roam without restriction.

Hudnall released a new novel based on Age Of Heroes last year too, and now The Tracking Board reports that Singer has snapped up the film rights, through his Bad Hat Harry company. Alex Hollister has been hired to pen the screenplay for the film. It's unclear as of yet whether Singer will direct as well as produce.

More on the project as we hear more.

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