Viral trailer arrives for M Night Shyamalan’s After Earth

Trailer Ryan Lambie
17 Jul 2012 - 05:48

Alien technology is explored via the power of Facebook in the first viral trailer for M Night Shyamalan’s forthcoming After Earth...

To say that critics were largely unimpressed by director M Night Shyamalan’s last few outings would be an understatement. The sight of Mark Wahlberg running from gusts of killer wind in 2008’s The Happening provoked titters of derision. The murky 3D of The Last Airbender proked squints and scowls.

It’s just possible that Shyamalan’s latest opus will provide him with the critical hit he surely needs. Called After Earth, it stars Will and Jaden Smith as a father and son stranded on an unfamiliar, post-apocalyptic terra. The movie only began production in February, which might explain why the first viral trailer below features lots of old black-and-white photos and Facebook pages rather than proper footage.

It sets the background and tone, though, since it explains just how meddling with mysterious alien technology led to the occurrence of every sorry war and disaster since 1908. It also provides an ancestral background to Will Smith’s character, who goes by the extraordinary name of Cypher Raige. In the future, everyone will have names like professional wrestlers.

The trailer doesn’t come close to inspiring the flesh-crawling awe of the David 8 promo for Prometheus, but to modify a classic adage for the Internet age, one should never judge a movie by its viral campaign.

After Earth’s due out in June 2013.

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