First trailer for new time travel movie, About Time

Trailer Simon Brew 14 May 2013 - 08:07

Richard Curtis' latest film? That'd be About Time, which mixes in time travel and comedy. Here's the first trailer for it...

Richard Curtis, as you more than likely know, has form with science fiction. His acclaimed Doctor Who episode, Vincent And The Doctor, is but one entry in a career that's seen him create some of television's finest comedies. And then there's the small matter of his movie directorial career, which has gone from the commercial highs of Love Actually, to the not-so-highs of The Boat That Rocked.

Where will his next film land? Couldn't tell you, but there seems to be lots to like about About Time. It stars Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy, is out in UK cinemas on September 6th, and we've got the first trailer for you right here...

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I have a feeling that trailer gave away something that should probably have been a big twist...

About time. I'm a sucker for romantic twee.

No film with Tom Hollander in it should give him that little screen time in its trailer.

Groundhog day meets the butterfly effect

sounds interesting

Awww. So it's one of those really romantic films that makes you (the guy) think you can get ANY woman you want. So nice!

As long as you are able to time travel.

I'm IN. Looks like something that will make for a great date movie.

Rachel McAdams sure has something with romatic time travel movies.

All I know of this movie is this trailer, but I'm convinced he's his own Dad reliving meeting his mum. Not a spoiler if it's in the trailer (and I know nothing else)

Whoo-Hoo. Guaranteed Bj back home after taking the missus to see this...

Same. Never heard of this movie till today and after watching this I came to the same conclusion. If true then this is a bad trailer but it wouldn't be the first time a good movie was spoiled by a see all trailer.

I am getting sick of time travel movies were you can time travel without the need for
a time machine, it illogicall.

And you want to sleep with your mum.

On a first watch it seems to be heavily implied that he is his own dad; the girl having the same name as his mother, the 'my life depends on it' line. However there are two problems with that. First it means that he's f****** his own mum, a concept that even Richard Curtis would struggle to put a positive spin on. And second, the dad says that only the men can time travel but the trailer clearly shows the two Marys meeting, which could only happen if she traveled as well.

I also wanted to point out that the power shown is more Groundhog Day than proper time travel.

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