First trailer for A Million Ways To Die In The West

Trailer 31 Jan 2014 - 07:33

Seth MacFarlane's comedy western, A Million Ways To Die In The West, has its first red band trailer...

Sandwiched in-between the making of Ted and Ted 2 Seth MacFarlane's second film as movie director is this summer's comedy western, A Million Ways To Die In The West. MacFarlane stars in this one too, alongside the likes of Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron and Neil Patrick Harris.

The film has a UK release date of June 6th, and the first trailer for the film has just been released. It's a very red band promo, so please don't go looking at this is you're young/impressionable/easily offended/not a fan of Seth MacFarlane.

Without further ado...

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The opener, the ice gag - awful! Why open an otherwise reasonable looking trailer with that rubbish scene?!

This looks quite funny but I hope they haven't shoehorned all of the best jokes into this trailer.

Also, this trailer needs more Neil Patrick Harris, everything is better with more NPH.

I am going to be pedantic.

The first shot, subtitled "Arizona" is a very famous landmark in Utah. Granted, it's near the border but still is wrong.

Anything Seth MacFarlane does will obviously be like Marmite to the general public. I fall on the side of thinking he's incredibly funny and possessed of a fantastic singing voice when it comes to swing. AMWTDITW, based on this trailer, does look like it'll be a riot to watch in the cinema, I just hope NPH gets a lot to do and this trailer didn't spoil all the best scenes (though the bull gag at the end was awesome).

Love Family Guy, love American Dad, love The Cleveland Show, love Ted, loved the Oscar hosting, gonna love this.

Having said that, it's a surprise to see two not so great gags bookend the trailer.

I cracked up though when he missed the bottles at point blank range.

Also, anyone notice Giavani Ribisi reprising his creepy 'dancing while drinking' moves from Ted? Legend.

For me, the best jokes in Ted were ones that were not in the trailer (Ted pretending to have suffered a stroke at the end was the funniest thing I have ever seen). So I reckon it will be the case here.

Looks hilarious.

You could be right, after all we didn't really hear any of NPH's lines and they're bound to be funny
*doodles 'I heart NPH' on jotter*

Accurate portrayal of pistol skills at 1:10.

Love Family Guy, Loved Ted, just watched this trailer and it felt flat to me only raised a smirk on one joke. I hope the film itself is better

Blazing Saddles...with loads of swearing. Not dissing it tho I will go and see it!

I'm really not into the whole "let's have a movie set in the 1880's and have people behave, respond and talk in a 2013 kind of style....."

The dialogue sounds inappropriately too modern and out of place with regards to when and where this film is set. Not only that but Seth's character (at least in this trailer) comes off as just a little too annoyingly smug for my liking.......

Is it wrong that I want to screw both Seth and Charlize??

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