First poster for Ben Wheatley's A Field In England

Poster Glen Chapman
10 Dec 2012 - 06:50

Ben Wheatley's follow up to Sightseers is English Civil War movie A Field In England. Here's the first poster...

Ben Wheatley's films have a tendency to polarise audiences, although he's three for three as far as most of us are concered here. Furthermore, if your films spark either extreme love or hate in audiences, chances are that you're doing something right.

With Sightseers in cinemas now, Wheatley is wasting no time looking ahead to his next project, A Field in England. He's already shot the film, which is pitched as a psychedelic English civil war movie about some treasure-seeking soldiers who desert their post in order to find their fortune. Instead, they get distracted by some magic mushrooms, though.

Starring Julian Barratt, Reece Shearsmith and Michael Smiley, it sounds as though A Field in England will feature the balance of gore and dark humour fans of Wheatley's have come to love.

Right now, we've got the first poster for the film, too. Which you can see below these words, courtesy of Internet magic...

More on A Field in England when we get it.

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