Terminator 5 deal locked, Terminator 6 planned?

News Simon Brew
13 May 2011 - 12:54
The Terminator

The upcoming Terminator 5 has found its financial backer, as word of a potential Terminator 6 also seeps out...

It was announced a few weeks’ ago that the plans for a fifth Terminator movie were gathering pace, with the announcement that Arnold Schwarzenegger was returning to the franchise, and that Fast & Furious helmer Justin Lin was set to be calling the shots.

However, there was the small matter of who would pay the bill for the film. The package of Lin, Arnie and the chance to make a Terminator movie was put out to auction, and reports from the Cannes Film Festival suggest that the deal has now been done.

The rights have been snapped up Annapurna Films, which beat off competition from Lionsgate, and the rumoured price the former has had to pay is in the $20m range.

Deadline broke the story, and in its report, it notes that “the expectation is the Skynet storyline will be wrapped up in two features”. So we’re looking at Terminator 5 and 6, then.

The screenplay for the new Terminator movie is currently being written, and is going back to the guts of the first two films rather than the last two. And don’t be surprised to see it go into production later this year.


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