50 Shades Of Grey movie due next summer?

News Simon Brew
21 Feb 2013 - 07:24

There might be some artistic sensuality on the big screen in 2014, as 50 Shades Of Grey moves ever closer...

Ah, now we know how you all like a bit the odd arty film, and clearly there will be nothing over the top about the forthcoming movie adaptation of the hit novel 50 Shades Of Grey. We've not had the benefit of reading the book, but we're sure that any raunchy bits are entirely in keeping with the necessities of the story, and we're also utterly sure that the film version will be sensitive to that.

We also suspect that had it been made 20 years ago, Michael Douglas would have signed up to it by now. He might also have brought some of his signature knitwear to the role.

As things stand, the status of the 50 Shades Of Grey movie is that Kelly Marcel had been signed up to pen a screenplay. There's been the odd casting rumours too, with Mila Kunis sort-of suggesting she may be interested in the movie a week or two back. But for a while, it's been radio silence.

However, the chairman of Universal Pictures, Adam Fogelson, has now told The Hollywood Reporter that it's full steam ahead on the project, noting that he doesn't believe that writer E L James "had any interest in going to a studio where rushing it into production was the vision". Admitting that "there are totally legitimate questions about what this book is as a movie", he then revealed that "we could be ready to release it as early as next summer".

We might be going out on a limb here, but we suspect that the studio will not be targeting a PG-13 rating.

You can read the full interview with Fogelson here.

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