Feature-length Gran Turismo documentary appears online

Feature Ryan Lambie
29 Aug 2014 - 07:36

A feature-length documentary about Sony's racing game series Gran Turismo has appeared on the web. You can watch it right here...

Since 1997, the Gran Turismo series of racing games has celebrated the seductive curves of the world's most beautiful cars, and the sheer white-knuckle thrill of driving - well, assuming you're not stuck in a traffic jam, that is.

As an audio-visual birthday present to itself, Sony commissioned a feature-length documentary, which covers the history of the videogame series, and offers insight from its creator Kazunori Yamauchi and other prominent designers involved in its making.

Paying for an entire film about something you've made might sound a bit self-indulgent, but the documentary's slickly-made and quite informative: the stuff about Gran Turismo's impact on real-world racing is quite interesting, for example.

The documentary (proper title: Kaz: Pushing The Virtual Divide) originally appeared on Hulu earlier this year, but has just landed on YouTube. If you have a spare 84 minutes, you can watch it below - just bear in mind that you might have to fiddle with the subtitling options for the Japanese-spoken bits.


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