New Spanish trailer for REC 4

Trailer Ryan Lambie
29 Aug 2014 - 07:04

The Spanish horror series REC 4 takes to the high seas for its latest movie. Here's an action-filled new trailer...

After two extraordinarily terrifying and claustrophobic films, the REC series headed off to a wedding in REC 3: Genesis. And while the comic flourishes weren't entirely unwelcome, it felt more like a spin-off (a kind of REC Gaiden) rather than a proper sequel to Luiso Berdejo and Paco Plaza's previous pair of films.

The good news is that REC 4 takes the series back to its murky (and hopefully scary) roots. It takes place immediately after the second movie, and catches up with news reporter and zombie outbreak survivor Angela Vidal (Manuela Valesco).

More good news: REC 4 looks about as close as we'll ever get to an Under Siege sequel with added zombies. The movie takes place on a ship in the middle of the ocean - presumably, the last refuge from the outbreak, a bit like in World War Z - and Angela has to deal with an entire boat-load of screaming, flesh-hungry sailors.

Bear in mind that the trailer below is in Spanish, so you won't be able to understand what everyone's shouting about if you don't speak the lingo. It's worth watching, though, if only to check out the style and tone of the thing; the overt humour of the third film appears to be toned down, but it's worth noting that the found-footage trappings of the first two films appears to have been abandoned, too.

There's no UK release date for REC 4 yet, but we'll pass one along when we have one - along with a subtitled version of the trailer should we stumble across it.

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