Disney provides a first look at its short film, Feast

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28 Aug 2014 - 10:07

Feast is a short film set to appear before the animated superhero flick Big Hero 6. Disney provides us with a first look at it...

The forthcoming Big Hero 6 is a bit of a departure for Disney, based as it is on the Marvel comic of the same name about a ramshackle group of crime fighters. In front of it, Disney will be screening a short film called Feast - thus sustaining a tradition that has survived since the 1920s.

The studio's Disney Insider blog has given us a first look at Feast, which is about a newly-adopted dog who forms a friendship with his owner thanks to the various scraps of food that end up in his dog bowl.

These short films give Disney's animators a chance to stretch out and try different techniques, as we saw with the beautiful Paperman, which originally screened in front of Wreck-It Ralph.

Feast appears to use cel shading to create a traditional hand-drawn look, but with the depth and contour of modern 3D animation.

The dog's name, in case you were wondering, is Winston. He's a terrier, and he looks extremely cute. I mean, just look at the little fella: 

Big Hero 6, along with the short film Feast, are out on the 30th January in the UK.

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