Pierce Brosnan to star in the thriller, I.T.

News Ryan Lambie
27 Aug 2014 - 07:35

Pierce Brosnan's set to play a publisher terrorised by his computer specialist in the forthcoming thriller, I.T...

Post-Bond, Pierce Brosnan's continued to appear in a broad range of roles, and, if anything, he's becoming ever more prolific as the years go by. This year sees him appear in no fewer than three movies: A Long Way Down, How To Make Love Like An Englishman and action thriller The November Man, which is out today in the US.

Brosnan has another thriller lined up, it's recently been announced. It's called I.T., and it's written by James Cameron's old colleague William Wisher, who most famously wrote Terminator 2. The movie's about a publisher who's menaced by his IT consultant, who uses his technical wizardry to torment Brosnan and ruin his reputation.

Naturally, Brosnan will play the publisher, but word is that the computer guy hasn't been cast yet. If they could hire Richard Ayoade, we'd be eternally grateful.

I.T. will be directed by John Moore (whose last film was, worryingly, A Good Day To Die Hard).

In other Brosnan-related news, the former 007 also has a fantasy adventure flick in the works. It's called The Moon And The Sun, and it takes in King Louis XIV and his quest to steal the secret of immortality from a mermaid. Brosnan will be wearing the floppy hair of King Louis XIV, while Bingbing Fan will play the mermaid.

The Moon And The Sun's out in 2015. More on I.T. as it comes in.


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