Tom Hanks and Ron Howard to reunite for Dan Brown's Inferno

News Ryan Lambie
27 Aug 2014 - 06:56
Mr Ron Howard, with his leeetle friends...

Director Ron Howard's all set to direct Dan Brown's fourth book in the Da Vinci Code series, with Tom Hanks once again starring...

Renowned film director Ron Howard had a huge hit with his adaptation of the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code back in 2006, with the thriller making more than $750m worldwide.

For a sequel, Howard turned to an earlier Dan Brown novel which first introduced intrepid (and renowned) 'symbologist' Robert Langdon - Angels & Demons. Although not quite as big a success as its predecessor (probably because fewer people had rushed out to read the book) it made almost $500m.

After a bit of a hiatus (with Howard making, among other things, the superb racing biopic Rush in the interim), we're in for a new chapter in the Langdon saga. This one's Inferno, based on the most recent book published in 2013. In it, Langdon (again played by the renowned Tom Hanks) attempts to save the world from the release of a deadly plague, which is somehow connected to Florence and lots of pieces of renaissance art.

Oddly, Howard and his producers have chosen to avoid the previous book in the series, The Lost Symbol - whether this is due to a rights issue, a storytelling idea we don't know about or some kind of ancient Masonic conspiracy, we're not quite sure.

Renowned screenwriter David Koepp's penning Inferno's script, and filming's set to start in Italy in April 2015.


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