First trailer and poster for The Pyramid

Trailer Ryan Lambie
27 Aug 2014 - 06:39

Archaeologists gibber in fear in the first trailer and poster for the found-footage horror, The Pyramid...

This week sees the UK release of As Above, So Below - the found-footage horror which takes place in ancient catacombs beneath the streets of Paris. Well, here's another verite-style genre film that looks a bit like a grown-up reunion for The Goonies.

Directed by Gregory Levasseur, the co-writer of the exceedingly violent film High Tension (known as Switchblade Romance in some areas), The Pyramid sees a group of archaeologists discover and enter an ancient Egyptian tomb. There, they're terrorised by a series of traps, unexpected falls and half-seen things scurrying about in the shadows.

Levasseur's High Tension co-writer Alexandre Aja (and director of the Hills Have Eyes remake) is producing, while the cast includes Ashley Hinshaw, James Buckley and Denis O'Hare. The first trailer has plenty of spooky moments, and the poster - complete with screaming mummified skull - isn't bad, either.

The Pyramid is out in UK cinemas on the 5th December.


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