Chris Hemsworth joins National Lampoon's Vacation reboot

News Ryan Lambie
26 Aug 2014 - 08:03

The forthcoming National Lampoon's Vacation movie gets a starry addition to its cast: it's Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth...

Just over a month ago, we learned that after a lengthy delay, the reboot of the National Lampoon's Vacation series is finally going ahead. Headed up by Chevy Chase, the original comedies were big hits in the 1980s - the first, directed by Harold Ramis and released in 1983, made a then-impressive $61m. Happily, Chase is set to return for a cameo with co-star Beverly D'Angelo in the new Vacation movie.

We also learned that Ed Helms will play Rusty Griswold, the now grown-up son of Chase's Clark Griswold, with Christina Applegate co-starring as his wife. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who wrote Horrible Bosses, are both directing and writing the script.

More recently, however, we've learned that the new Vacation is set to get a pair of starry additions to its cast. First, Charlie Day is set to appear in a cameo role as a river-rafting teacher. Second, and perhaps more surprisingly, Chris Hemsworth is to take on the role of Rusty's brother-in-law and anchorman Stone Crandall.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hemsworth has been "itching to do a comedy for a while". The new Vacation should provide the soothing ointment for that particular itch.

More Vacation news as we get it.

The Hollywood Reporter

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