Jerry Bruckheimer on Beverly Hills Cop 4 & Pirates 5

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17 Apr 2014 - 06:31

Both Beverly Hills Cop 4 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 are to start shooting this year, it seems...

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is juggling, not for the first time, a plate of sequels at the moment. Top Gun 2 is gradually edging forward, but there's also the small matter of Beverly Hills Cop 4 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 5.

In a new interview with Bloomberg TV, Bruckheimer have an update on both, and it looks as if Beverly Hills Cop 4 - which seems to still have Brett Ratner attached to direct - is front of the queue.

"We're in the process of getting the script finished", Bruckheimer said. "Paramount is very excited about making it. Eddie's very excited. Brett Ratner's excited about doing it. So I think we're moving forward. Hopefully we'll start the end of summer, beginning of fall, and get rolling on it. We're going to take Eddie back to Detroit... he's really excited about doing it".

More excitement, it seems, centres on Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, which last we heard hadn't yet had a formal greenlight from Disney, although we suspect it's a formality. So, how's the film coming along? "We're working on it", Bruckheimer said. "It's hopefully moving forward.  Johnny is excited about it, obviously Disney's is. We're excited about it. So hopefully we'll get that going this fall, or the beginning of the year".


No release dates as of yet for either project, but it's looking very likely that both will start shooting this year...


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