Director Ivan Reitman on Triplets and Ghostbusters 3

News Simon Brew
15 Apr 2014 - 06:52

Ghostbusters 3 is looking far more likely than Triplets, according to Ivan Reitman...

With his new film, Draft Day, now playing in US cinemas (albeit with no sign of a UK release date), director Ivan Reitman has been doing interviews for his new film. Inevitably, both Twins sequel Triplets and the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 have come up.

Read or listen to an Arnold Schwarzenegger interview at the moment, and you'd think that Triplets was pretty much a done deal. However, Reitman - in conversation with Collider - has thrown some doubt on it. "I know Universal is sort of working on that script", he admitted. But he added "I'm not sure. I think it's a tough go, but it could be... I don't really have a strong sense of it just yet".

He's more positive on Ghostbusters 3. "I think Ghostbuster 3 will probably go. I know there's an enormous amount of online speculation. I probably will not direct it. After Harold Ramis' death, I came back from the funeral and I just didn't think it was right... I decided to pass it on to another director who's going to find his own spin and energy for it. I'm going to produce it", he said, confirming what had been announced previously.

Reitman, instead, is going to seek out projects with more of a mix of drama and comedy to do, it seems. More on all of these as we hear it....


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