Exclusive: Avi Arad on Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted movies

News Simon Brew
11 Apr 2014 - 09:10

The producer of the Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted movies gives us a brief update on their status...

Producer Avi Arad has been on the press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 over the past few days, and we got to spend some time with him as a result of that. The full interview is coming shortly, but ahead of that, he gave us a quick update on the status of the Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted movies that's he's also producing.

He wasn't giving names away, but he seemed particularly enthused over progress he's made with the Metal Gear Solid project. He told us that with "Metal Gear, believe it or not, after a decade, we are now literally starting to develop the script, the director. It took a long time to close this deal. It's now done, finished, the vision is in place". Who the scriptwriter is, we don't yet know.

As for Uncharted, again, exact details weren't forthcoming, but Arad said that progress has been made. "Uncharted has a great script, has an excellent director", he told us [Seth Gordon was revealed as the director two months ago]. "And we have really high hopes. It's fun feel, quite intelligent. So that's going very well. To give you production dates I can't, but we when we come back [from the Spider-Man press tour ] we'll settle some of the issues".

More news on both of those films as we hear it. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 lands in UK cinemas from April 16th.

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