New trailer for 300: Rise Of An Empire

Trailer Simon Brew 5 Dec 2013 - 06:43

Shouting. Fire. More shouting. Not many clothes. It's the new trailer for 300: Rise Of An Empire...

Originally set for release in August 2013 before it got pushed back to next year, 300: Rise Of An Empire is the successor  to Zack Snyder's huge hit movie, 300.

This time, Snyder moves to the producer's chair, with Noam Murro taking his place as director. Its new release date is March 2014, and we've got the full new trailer for you right here. There is lots of shouting, not a lot of clothes, and fire. Enjoy...

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You would NOT stand in the way of the Greeks in this film !

As long as they don't dick about with the time lines in usual Hollywood style (the naval battle of Artemisium was concurrent with the Spartans stand at Thermopylae) then this should be a very interesting film indeed. Themistocles is one of the great unsung heroes of antiquity - second really to the Duke of Wellington as a great military & political leader IMHO.

March 2014? Happy birthday to me indeed.

Movies made for jarheads and wannabe jarheads.

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