First trailer for 3 Days To Kill, starring Kevin Costner

Trailer Simon Brew 18 Dec 2013 - 06:42

The first trailer and poster land for upcoming McG thriller 3 Days To Kill, starring Kevin Costner...

2014 is promising to be a bit of a year for the mighty Kevin Costner, with at least three films of his, and possible up to five, hitting the big screen.

First up will be Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which is due at the end of January. Meanwhile, Draft Day - for director Ivan Reitman - currently has an April US release date, whilst he's also reunited with director Mike Binder for Black And White (the pair previously joined forces on the underrated The Upside Of Anger). Then McFarland is scheduled for a November release as things stand.

3 Days To Kill, meanwhile, sees the man they call Kevin Costner playing a dying Secret Service agent who's trying to connect with his estranged daughter. The film is co-written by Luc Besson, with McG directing, and it's currently due for release in February. Furthermore, this first trailer explains things better than we could, so we might just duck out and let you watch that...

And here's the first poster too, as a special reward for scrolling down the screen a bit.

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Costner's hair hasn't looked this good for years.

Costner does Liam Neeson

And that's a bad thing how? Admittedly you can smell the double cross a mile away, but this doesn't look bad. Costner always brings a real sense of wrong guy at the wrong place to his characters as they struggle to do what's right. Only here we have bigger guns. Excellent.

Shoehorn Brian Blessed and Christian Slater in there somehow and you've just sold yourself a cinema ticket

It's a bad thing because it's wildly unimaginative. Kevin Costner is a good few miles better than the overrated Liam Neeson.

hey....all said and done....i think this will be a good change of pace for him and i will check it out. Looks like a fun film.

look out neeson thou!

Works for me. I'm in!

Sorry mate, but there's only room on the screen for the eyebrows of one of these men. You much choose!

Then I choose Brian Blessed. This film will be fine without Costner.

meh, Costner couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag

Started off encouraging, then degenerated into comedy/action rubbish. Disappointed in you Kevin.

Costner's ALIVE... (see what I did there)

i am waiting for this movie

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