Dwayne Johnson teases DC role: hinting at Lobo?

News Glen Chapman
26 Mar 2014 - 06:35

The Rock has dropped some big hints as to who he might be playing in a future DC movie...

For some time now, speculation has linked Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to a role in the DC movie universe. Lobo had been the running favourite for many years, but it seemed as though that project had hit the skids. However, yesterday, the man himself suddenly started teasing that he and DC may be close to doing something after all.

"There’s mutual interest with myself and DC for many years to find the right character [to play]. Like everyone here, I love superheroes" he said. "What could the right character would be? It just had to be right".

And then he started dropping clues. "I’ll tell you three things. I won’t tell you on who it is. I’ll tell you the three qualities on who we’re looking for. And I’ll let you guys figure it out".

Here, then, are said qualities. "The first quality we’re looking for is that he has to be extremely complex and has a lot going on what that does for me as an actor and for the studio. It gives us some space where we can explore with the complexities. The other quality is that the character had to be well known, but never brought to life. As an actor, it gives me space as with the personality—it gives me a chance to put an imprint into his personality with the tools I can bring to the table. It’ll be a unique twist into his personality and still pay a homage to on who he is. And the third thing, most important, is that he has to be a badass motherfucker. And on a Superman level of power where he can throw down".

Johnson then confirmed that he and DC had found a character, and "we're out to a lot of writers".

On Twitter, Johnson then added that the character is a well known one, but one that hasn't been played before. So you can knock that Green Lantern speculation on the head for a start. It might just all start to point back to Lobo, it seems, a role that Johnson has confirmed his interest in previously. That's just us playing guesswork, but it seems the best guess right now.

We'll keep you posted...

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