George R R Martin reveals Game Of Thrones film talks

News Simon Brew 20 Mar 2014 - 07:01

There's some time to go yet, but George R R Martin wants Game Of Thrones to end with a movie...

If you've ever sat through the extremely lengthy end credits to an episode of Game Of Thrones, it's a further factor in confirming the cinematic undertones to HBO's show. They go on forever. Almost as long as some of the nookie scenes.

Anyway: season four of Game Of Thrones is but weeks away now, and the author of the books it's based on, George R R Martin, has been chatting to The Hollywood Reporter about the show. And in the course of doing that, he's revealed that discussions have begun with HBO about ending the show with a feature film.

Martin has seven books planned for Game Of Thrones in all, of which five so far have been published. And at the premiere for Game Of Thrones season 4 in New York overnight, Martin admitted that the film is a possibility now. "It all depends on how long the main series runs", he said. "Do we run for seven years? Do we run for eight? Do we run for ten? The books get bigger and bigger [in scope]. It might need a feature to tie things up, something with a feature budget, like $100 million for two hours. Those dragons get real big, you know".

The prospect of at least one film is now being "actively discussed", the report says.

There's a precedent for a HBO show crossing to the big screen, with Sex And The City resulting in two expensive and not very good hit movies. But this is clearly early days for chat of a Game Of Thrones movie, and we'd imagine there's a good two or three more series of the TV show to come yet. We will, of course, keep you posted.

Rest assured that when we do update you, we shall be half naked and slaughtering someone with a sword.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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17 days left

In fairness there is an awful lot of padding in the later books. I can't help but think GRR Martin shot the bolt with the events of A Storm of Swords. There are too many things going on (No spoilers but WTF!). Season 4 should be awesome. They're filming an Entourage movie too, so the book finishing on a three hour million dollar spectacles wouldn't be too surprising and would be very cool!

Like! Big budget, big finale, big event.
Just what it deserves.

I hope they'll do a tv movie like the BSG finale. I want a big epic conclusion but I definitely want to watch it on tv and not in the cinema. The end of GoT should be a tv episode but a very lenghty one.

Would never work, would require the first hour to get all the movie goers who hadn't watched all the series up to speed on who is who and what the hell is going on. A random episode in the series is bad enough, but a finale which is tying plots together would be impenetrable.

I dont know if padding is the right world, but its stretched so far geographically and character wise... but I did really enjoy Dance of Dragons, and the tone of Feast for Crows was good and grim....

Stop talking about movies etc george and finish the bloody books your killing me

Good news - A Big Budget finale would be just what this show deserves.
Although they are doing an excellent job of adapting the books to TV so far, it would be better to see the story concluded on the big screen with a big budget - as with the way the books are going, the ultimate battle of Ice and Fire will be epic...or perhaps GRRM may have a different idea

Yep you're right. The GoT is too dense. I took my girlfriend to watch Serenity and she wanted to know the bios and back story of every single character. I wonder whether GRRM is planning a series of huge battle to end the series. The GoT have defied all the genres rules so far!

I know what you mean! I keep looking at his photos and thinking don't do a Robert Jordan or David Gemmell on me, and die before you've finished the series!

There's certainly less going on dramatically in A Feast For Crows, and I think it feels particularly empty because it comes right off the back of the whirlwind that is A Storm Of Swords is, but it's still a good book.

As long as Bran makes it that far and becomes a badass wizard I'll be happy. I'll probably be happy anyway though. I think it could work capping it off with a movie, by the time season 7 rolls around the fan base could only have increased and it is already huge (plus the film would draw in even more viewers). They wouldn't waste time trying to get the audience up to speed as another commenter said, the movie would be for the fans and a direct continuation from the finale of the preceding season I have no doubt about that.

Why wouldn't they just provide regular viewers with a quick recap and let the non-viewers do their homework in advance if they're planning to watch it? It's a big enough show that they could feasibly get away with this.

Can't see how they could justify it. All the show's fans would happily go watch it in the cinema (I was saying to my mate a couple of weeks ago how I'd happily watch the show as it is in the cinema every week), but everybody else would have no idea what was going on. And if they tried to bring the 'casuals' up to speed, the TV show fans will be bored rigid.

What about a simulcast on TV and in cinemas for those who want a big screen showing, like what they did with Dr Who maybe? Make a big thing about it, generate PR and make some real money to plough back into the GRR Martin prequel series covering Robert's Rebellion.........I've said enough.

I can see it now..'the film is coming, do not worry it going to be great!' 3 years later.. 'The film is coming.. do not worry it is going to be great!' ;-)

I suppose that it could work, if they edited the TV series into movies to give people unfamiliar with the material a "Cliff Notes" version. I realise that condensing even half a season into a three hour movie would be challenging enough,but I think I would support such a venture.

I came to Serenity having somehow missed Firefly took the (sci-fi hating) then gf as it was my turn to choose the movie and had seen the reviews. Much to my surprise we both loved it.

Though to be fair if you can get Brandon Sanderson to finish it off take your time.

Easy. Rabid fans could hire themselves out as story consultants and bring the casual viewer up to speed.

Perfect! lol

The first Sex and the City movie was pretty good. I was advised to avoid the second, so I did - can't comment on that one.

I saw Serenity first too, and it was brilliant as a jumping-in point.

I've read all the books and there's around two books worth of editing out that would have made a more satisfying flow. the second book is horrific really with every page being about a rape or infinitely detailed recipe list for a multi course feast. It's basically moving all the characters into position for the next book to fly. Some of the plot editing in the series is actually an improvement I think (Arya/Tywin instead of Roose etc..)

Others have brought up the catching up issue, so I won't repeat that. My other issue would be time. Given that each series to date has been 10 episodes of about 45 minutes (taking out adverts), a three hour (max) film would only ever be able to tell the equivalent of four episodes or so. This show has demonstrated, if there remained any doubt, that TV can be truly cinematic and is the best way of relaying a complex story. Fine if they want to package the final few episodes as a feature to give viewers the option of seeing them that way, not fine if they end one of the most well structured and impressive shows out there with a rushed film that manages to both make no sense but still give everyone a numb b*m.

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